Happy Free Music Friday from Spirit Voyage and Shantavaani!  Please enjoy this free download of Shantavaani’s track “Be Real” from their album Moonflower.

Click here to begin your free download of “Be Real” by Shantavaani.


“Shantavaani”  translates from Sanskrit as “Peace through music”. Something magical happened when four seasoned musicians came together for the first time and they realized there was no walking away from this creative opportunity. That was in 2009 and the music has grown ever since. In 2011, their sound expanded even further with the addition of the virtuosic cello player, Sarah Moor. Together they somehow naturally pull together from their eclectic backgrounds of jazz, classical, Americana, blues, folk, reggae, Ghana, East Indian raga, bhajans, & Shabads to create an original sound that can both stir you to move while simultaneously inducing sublime meditative states. They all deeply honor the traditions they’ve studied and hope that this convergence of musical traditions can also facilitate something more than simple entertainment but also enrichment for the soul…


Shantavaani’s premiere double album is a collection of acoustic world music honoring traditions from around the globe in the name of spreading peace.

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