layogaclothingcoverLast month I got a call from LA Yoga saying that they had a great article for their April issue about Kundalini meditations and they wanted to take some photographs to accompany the article.  They saw that we sold Kundalini Yoga clothing and asked if we’d like their models to wear some of our clothes.

I was really excited about the opportunity and sent some clothes over.  A week later, I got a call from them saying that one of the photos had made in onto the cover!!  Very exciting for us!

I know a lot of you have bought these clothes, so you’ll be happy to know you are VERY hip and wearing clothes featured on a current magazine cover!  Oooh la la!

Here is a link to the article they were writing:
Greening The World From The Inside Out

And if you like the clothes and don’t have them, here are the details.

Julia and Jay Moton are the models.

Padshah Tantric Kurta-Shirt

Padshah Tantric Kurta-Shirt

Jay is wearing our Padshah Tantric Kurta Shirt with our Men’s Cotton Kundalini Pants.

Mens Cotton Kundalini Pants

Men's Cotton Kundalini Pants

Click Here to See All of Our Men’s Clothing.

Cotton Kurta

Cotton Kurta

Women's Rayon Yoga Pants

Julia is wearing our Cotton Kurta with our Women’s Rayon Yoga Pants.

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