fair In honor of Yogi Bhajan and our “Become a Living Prayer” Global Sadhana, we have begun the Spirit Voyage Ardas, where you can submit your prayers and also find members of our community who need your prayers.  Please lend your energy to these beautiful souls and help them shift into alignment with their desires.

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Have a little extra love?  Pick one (or several or all) of the people below and set your intention and prayer in alignment with them and their wishes.

Thank you for being a part of our beautiful Ardas community!

Hans, Namibia
Healing from Cancer
Marcela Pulgarin, Colombia
Restoration of Hope
Roger G., USA
Birthday Wishes & ProsperityCarol-Ann, Canada
Healing from Addiction & a Teacher to Guide HerGurujot Singh Khalsa, USA
Successful Bone Marrow Transplant & Healing from Cancer

Chetan & Vandana, India
Strength & Peace of Mind as they Grieve the Loss of their Son

Navprem Singh, USA

Kundalini Yoga Community in Melbourne, Australia
Prosperity & Service

Mel & Luc, South Africa
Loving, Open Hearts

Sylvia Burns, Ireland
Healing & Full RecoveryHaidy, Spain
Prosperity, New Job, New Life

 Rosemary Perriello, USA
Healing from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer or peaceful transition

Donna Porter, USA
Healing & Protection

Danny Douglas DeLeon, USA
Healing from Addiction & Childhood trauma

Eduardo Baena, Colombia
Moving From Financial Crisis to Prosperity

A.B., Canada

Christina, USA
Healthy, Beautiful Birth for Mother & Child

Charo, Spain

Edye, USA

Erica Falk, USA
Healing from Cancer 

Svetlana Varlamova, Russia
Health, vitality, grace, realization, joy, power, prosperity
Jordan Jillians, UK
Healing & Protection
Wendy Bustios, Peru
Health, Love & AbundanceMoshgan & Miad, Latvia
Grief ReliefPamela and Jackie, USA
Healing from Depression & Addiction

The Pather Family, BC
Family Healing

Cynthia Porter, USA
Healing & Stronger Practice

Joy Charles and family, South Africa
Healing from Grief

Valerie, USA
Healing Addiction to Cigarettes

Debora Koenig, USA
Healing & Divine GuidanceRoy & Betty Steele, USA
Healing & Peace for Family

 Nam Dhyan Kaur & Singh, Finland
Grace through Change

Derald Sieben, Canada
Health & Healing

Adelaide & Roberto Medon, Germany
Healing, Health & Prosperity

Harnam Singh, USA
Prosperity & Success

Barbara and Michele, Italy
Creation of a New Family

Abel Arturo Arredondo Zamudio, Mexico
Perfect Job

Albert Nettey, Finland
Healing, Protection & Transformation

Thomas Niederreiner, Germany
Healing & Prosperity

Francisco Ortega Sánchez, Mexico

Brigitte, France
Knee Health

Joseph I, USA
Prosperity, Guidance, Perfect Job

Alex, USA
Perfect career, self-esteem, relief from depression

Paul Rose, Jamaica

Jing Yu Kai, China
Healing from Lymphoma

Prabhunam Kaur, Mexico

Steve, US
Healing from ALS

Ivana & Hugh, Croatia/Ireland
Loving Relationship

Ivana Gomez, Argentina
Relief from Depression, Mental Health

Emilie, US

Maximiliano Rodriguez, Chile

Brahmdev Singh & Nirinjanjot Kaur, Brazil
Strength & Character

Pyari Pathania, Australia
Healing of the heart, mental & physical health

Gyan Preet Singh, Italy
Elevate Dhamic Life

Valerie Denny, USA
Healing and Divine Guidance
Devbir Singh, USA
Mental Health, Stronger Sadhana, Prosperity, Sikh Baptism
The Pearson family, USA
Strength and Peace of MindRichard Maywald, USA
Healing and ProtectionL.B., Canada

Patricia, Caren and Francisco Ortega Madrid, Mexico

K.B. and G.P., Italy

Siri Karta Kaur, Canada

Stéphanie Murphy, Canada
Fertility & Pregnancy

Gladwell and Holmes Family, Australia
Releasing Pain & Peace of Mind for Whole FamilyDarcie Troy & Sandra Kelder, USA
Peace of Mind, Prosperity

 Russell & Christine, Canada
Prosperity & Blessings for Upcoming Marriage

Haridev Kaur, Italy
Healing &Prosperity

Francis Lecrique, France
Health & Prosperity, Finding a Home, Peace of Mind

Zaida Dougal, Argentina
Health & Healing

Pedro Vieira, Brazil

Claire, Canada
Restoration of Eyesight & Lower Cholestrol

Daljit Kaur, India
Cancer Free Life

Karen Katra, Australia
Wholeness of Health

Alfonso & Julia, Mexico
Health, Prosperity, Patience

Swana, Germany

Romao, Brazil

Andrea, Germany
Perfect partner

Kimberly Lyn, Taiwan
Prosperity & Romance

Amigo Dogadicto, Spain

Gail, USA
Healing, Prosperity & Perfect Job

Audrey Critchlow, Australia
Healing & Health

David Wilde, USA
Health & Healing

Anna, USA
Peace, Healing, Love

Isabel, US
Healing & Pain Relief

Patrice, USA

Winnifred, USA

Constance Mayer, USA
Birthday Blessings

Jonathan, England

Bernice Elliott, USA
Happy 93rd Birthday & Wishes for Health
Joanne Taylor, USA
James M, USA
Healing & Addiction Recovery Sarah & Elizabeth Grant, USA
Healing, Health & Finding the LightAïcha, Canada
Light, Guidance, Protection

Calgary, Canada

Windsor, Canada
Healing & Courage

Hyacinth, USA
Heaing & Prosperity

Tony, USA

Carol Sammut, Australia
Strength & Courage to Fulfill her DestinyCuca, Brazil
Blessings & Peaceful Transition

Claudio, Italy/Brazil
Healing & Spiritual Life

Mother & daughter Colleen Boeur, Canada
The Healing of Their Relationship

Ottorino, Italy

Michael Teel, USA
Health & Healing

Julio Caraballo, USA
Healing & Divine Guidance

Cynthia Negrete, USA

Jilin Zheng, USA
Health & Healing

Meems, Dominican Republic
Complete Healing after Motorcycle Accident

Andy, US

Harold, US
Healing from Prostate Cancer

Paul Denny, US
Healing & Divine Guidance

Wilda, Lolli, Terry
Healing from Cancer

Janice, US
Discover Destiny & Purpose

Patsy, US
Support Home Environment, Abudance & End to Homelessness

Hugh, Ireland
Healing & Prosperity

Isabelle Murphy, Canada
Peace of Mind, Prosperity, Protection

Bernard, USA
Letting Go

Satsangat Khalsa, USA
Abundance of Sadhana, Finances & Supportive Relationships

Skie Kennedy, US
Healing & Relief from Diabetes and Celiac Disease

Anne P, Canada
Healing, Peace of Mind, Relief for Alzheimer’s Patients & Caregivers

Becky Teel, USA
Healing & Peace for Mother & Daughter

Siri Gyan Singh, Italy/Brazil
Elevated Dharmic Life

Lesia, Canada
Healing & Peace (Breast Cancer)

Mother, Germany
Peace of Mind and Heart
Rion and his Children, USA
Joe Kelly & Kate Hughes, and Joe &  Niamh, Ireland
Family Healing, Increased Communication & Love Justin I, USA
Prosperity, Happiness, Spiritual GuidanceEric Koenig, USA
Healing & Divine Guidance

Dearest Geeta Wahie, USA
Health & a Cure for her Cancer

Ronnie and Maty, USA
Health & Healing from Cancer

Karin, Sweden
Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Self-Worth

Elaine Selva,  USA
Birthday Wishes

Jeremiah, St. Thomas VI
Improved Relationship with DaughterBarbra, USA
Healing & Prosperity
Margaret and B.C., USA
Financial Peace & ProsperityKerrie Campbell, Australia
Health & HealingNirmal Kaur, Canada
Prosperity & Ease of Relationship with Boss

Jen and Dave Gaving, USA
Health & Prosperity

Alicia Gabourie, Canada
Healing of the Heart, Highest and Best Relationship

Ashley, USA
Health & Healing

Maurice, Canada
Health & Healing

Fallos Family, USA
Health, Peace, a Home, & a Strong Family Unity

Helen Puller, Australia
Health & Healing

Michelle and Debbie, England
Forgiveness, Healing, Birth of Child

Beverley, England
Healing, Inner Peace, Happiness

Pat Thompson, USA
Healing & Prosperity

Jasmine Kaur Kang, USA
Love, Soul-Mate, Health & Healing

Lydia and Malik, Canada
Health & Prosperity

Gururas & NamJoti Kaur, USA
Prosperity & Success for their New Accupuncture Clinic, Blessings for all whom they treat

Mel, USA
Health, Wholeness, & Peace during Stage 4 Cancer & Chemo

David R & Mauricio R, Mexico
Prosperity, Health, Calm, Love

Donna M.M., USA
Health, Healing, Courage & Faith in Divine Purpose

Lili T, Mexico
Prosperity & Health

Al G., USA
Healing Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually

Siri Shabad Kaur, Brazil

Nimrod, Ecuador

Annjit Anand, UK
Marriage & Health Family with Sikh Man

Kieran, UK
Health & Prosperity

Fernanda, Brazil

Adriana, Paraguay
Health & Peace

Danielle H., USA
Birthday Wishes

Cindy S., USA.
Birthday Wishes

Devor Dekaris, Germany
Healing Mind & Heart, Direction in Life and Love 


Tomoyo, Japan
Healing & Strength to Fight “Incurable” Disease

Chris, USA
Be a Magnet for Love & Joy
John, Canada
Healing, Appreciation

Marcela Thompson, Chile
Prosperity in New Venture

Yes, Sri Lanka
Dignity of Life & Healing of Tumor

Prempaul White, Canada

Pritipal, Switzerland
Romantic Love

Alexandria, USA
Mental Health

Mica’el Sahar, USA
Health & Support

Alison, Australia
Healing & Happiness

Leslie Denny, USA
Healing & Guidance

Anita & Lahouari Mebarki, Switzerland
Healing & Prosperity

Mel the Dog, Brazil
Health & Healing

Karissa Sanders, USA
Strength to End Drug Addiction & Success in Current Treatment Program

Mingo, Spain
Mental Health & Prosperity

Arthur Sweet, USA
Healing from Heart Surgery

Seva Karam Kaur, Mexico

Edward Barrera, Ecuador
Spiritual Healing, Confidence, Clarity, Prosperity

Charmian, Australia
Inner Peace, Love, Prosperity

Beatriz Puzziello Miguel, Brazil

Samantha, USA
Health & Healing

Becky Kelley, USA
Health & Prosperity

Bobby Brandt & Family, USA
Healing & Prosperity

Aida, USA
Health & Healing from Surgery

Matthew, Canada

Norma and Alex Azar, USA
Health, Healing, Peace & Love

Koda, USA
Loving Home Where She Can Grow, Play and Be Loved

Teresa Grenno, Paraguay
Health & Healing

Alecia Pirani Puzziello, Brazil

Larry, USA
Healing from Alcoholism

Ann Jarvis, England
Healing from Alzheimer’s

Vidal Rojas, Columbia
Health & Peace

People in the Middle East & Ukraine
Peace & Safety

Marc, USA
Healing from Social Anxiety Disorder

Natrishka Pather, Canada
Deep Healing, Love, Soul Retrieval, & Prosperity

Alexis, USA
Healing & Help

Jewell, USA
Healing & Prosperity

Patricia Mendes, Brazil
Health & Successful Chemotherapy

Jamaican Yoga Community
Service, Peace, Prosperity

Jeffrey Hughes, Australia
Freedom from “Demonic Forces”, Peace of Mind & Spirit

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