Spirit Fest has been looking longingly at the spiritual names of so many people in the Kundalini yoga community.  Spirit Fest would gaze at names like Shabad Atma (the soul of the song) or Siri Anand (great joy) and wonder “What’s MY Spiritual Name?” until at last, it asked Spirit Voyage to apply for one on its behalf.  After much meditation, Spirit Fest was granted its Spiritual Name….

“Spirit Fest has been blessed to live as Sat Nam Fest.  Sat means true and Nam means vibration.  Fest means divine gathering. By receiving the name “Sat Nam Fest” this means that it has the ability to live up to its full potential and bring the true vibration to the hearts of all involved.  It’s strength and mission is to bring all who participate in these festivals back to their own center and to share the authentic, healing sound current with all who will listen.  Using and hearing the name Sat Nam Fest will allow it to fulfill its own destiny and vibrate ever more and more with its own grace and power.”

Sat Nam Fest is so excited!  Finally it feels that it is living up to its true destiny, and promises to embody its name on both the West and East Coasts spreading the Naam to all who will listen!

Congratulations, Sat Nam Fest!  We love your new name!  Sat nam!


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