In the process of producing Sirgun’s album Dayaal, there were some tracks that we could feel this inward pull – they made you want to sit down and go deep within. The sound current, the incredible sweetness of Sirgun’s voice, the layers of instruments weaving together to pull you into a conversation with the Divine: all of these elements felt like a meditation waiting to be started.


But in creating an album of sacred chants and songs, the arrangement of the music is designed more for a sacred musical journey through an album than for meditation. That is why we created our Meditations for Transformation series, a sweet offering from Spirit Voyage Records. Sometimes, a meditation is built from a single beautiful moment in a song, and sometimes it’s as simple as extending a 5 minute track to an 11 minute one.


On this album, Sirgun worked with Kundalini Yoga teacher Ramdesh Kaur to find the perfect meditation from the KRI Archives to be used with the 4 tracks on the album. They tested them first, and then created the music to perfectly fit the practice of those meditations. All of them centered on a theme of returning to your joy, which is truly your birthright.


The beautiful shabd ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’ had a small section where Sirgun chanted Sat Nam Ji.  This was expanded into an 11 minute meditation that opens energy channels and takes you to new heights called: Meditation to Increase Your Energy (Sat Nam Ji).  It’s a strong kriya and a great way to start your day!


Then, the song ‘The Music is Always There’ had a small section where Sirgun chanted Sa Ta Na Ma.  This was expanded into the meditation that inspired this entire album, the Meditation to Reclaim Your Happiness (Sa Ta Na Ma).  Who doesn’t want to get that back?

Kal Akaal and Guru Ram Das were both extensions of shorter versions into the full Meditation to Remove Negativity (Kal Akaal) and Meditation to Expand Your Intuition (Guru Ram Das).  On the versions on this album, they are produced to support the meditations taught in the album’s written instructions.

For an interesting look at the tracks from Dayaal and Reclaim Your Happiness, I’ve added 2 of each to this play list for you to check out.

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The Meditations for Transformation Series are all a deep exploration of meditation with music that is really designed to support the meditation. We’ve spent a lot of time and care creating them, and people have truly profound experiences with these meditations.  I recommend giving them a try!

Check them all out here:

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