At Spirit Voyage, we always have exciting projects we are working on behind the scenes, just waiting to be unveiled.  I’ve decided that I will invite you in for a sneak peek of what’s coming in the pages of our blog.

This week, we have an incredible album by Simrit scheduled for release: From the Ancient Storm.

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Simrit is a revolutionary in the world of mantra music. She’s a pretty serious music buff and knows her way around a broad range of styles and genres. She weaves the influences of her Greek Byzantine upbringing with an eclectic mix of musical loves from Singh Kaur to Led Zeppelin, from Bob Marley to Mazzy Star, from Nana Mouskouri to Jeff Buckley with her own rich and creative musical composition and creation. I can still remember the first time she played a cover of Mazzy Starr’s “Fade In To You” at Sat Nam Fest. I fell in love.


She is fearless when it comes to trying new things and exploring how style, rhythm, modality and sound interplay in the sacred music space. When a new album of Simrit’s is in the creation process, you know something fresh, deep and beautiful is being birthed.   I followed Simrit’s updates from the studio with anticipation and insatiable curiosity. Simrit is not on the Spirit Voyage Records label, and so I don’t get the inside peek at her music that I am used to with our Spirit Voyage Records’ artists.


Simrit in Concert

When I first heard this new album, From the Ancient Storm, it was already complete, and I was able to listen for just the sheer joy of it. Every album an artist releases is like a pin dropped on the map of their life’s journey. This pin needs some serious bling.  It is magnificent.


The 4 songs on this album are vast expanses. Pedal steel, one of my absolute favorite instruments, plays a strong role. The songs draw you in with an experience of leaving your body and traveling through unknown hallways of heavenly sound. And then, suddenly, one of the albums 3 mantra tracks begins, and you are brought to the core of yourself, deep inside the chambers of Simrit’s voice.


The entire 7-track album was recorded on 2” reel to reel tape, giving it a very grounded sound, an incredible juxtaposition to the unearthly, haunting quality of Simrit’s voice.

Just check out the incredible credits on this album and you’ll realize how rich the music is:


  • Simrit: Main vocals, Harmony vocals, and Background Vocals, Harmonium, and Piano
  • Shannon Hayden: Cello and electronics, Acoustic guitar, Piano, Mandolin
  • Heidi Gluck: Bass guitar, Pedal Steel guitar, Background Vocals on China
  • Salif Kora: Kora(West African Harp)
  • Kenny Childers: Electric Guitar
  • Devon Ashley: Drum Kit and other percussion
  • Square Peg Round Hole Band: percussion and electronics
  • Chris Erbacher(Siri Kartar): Pedal Steel guitar
  • Mahan Kalpa Singh: Background Vocals on Kal


My advice: don’t miss this album. You’ll want it on your i-pod, in your car, in your yoga class. You’ll want to sing along while you’re hiking in the mountains or stuck in traffic or deep in a meditation. It’s perfect for every one of those things!

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