“Yogi Bhajan taught us to recite the So Purkh Shabd 11 times a day to  manifest God in our presence and elevate men in our lives.”

I started practicing So Purkh during my Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s training. My teacher, Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa introduced this practice to us on the very first class. She said we needed to start it right away, affirming it was the most powerful prayer to do for our partners, and especially to heal our relationship with the masculine. Since then, I’ve been doing 40 day sadhanas once or twice a year, mainly dedicating it to my father, brother, and ex-partners. As time goes by, my awareness and experience keeps becoming higher and higher.

Click here to listen to Nirinjan Kaur's hypnotic version of So Purkh!

Click here to listen to Nirinjan Kaur’s hypnotic version of So Purkh, with Gurmukhi and English versions!

I share this experience from my heart and I have to admit I started this practice with the idea of finding my soulmate, a beautiful yogi man to share my path with. When I did some research about this practice, I found several articles talking about So Purkh as the mantra for love, and sacred relationships.  So I didn’t hesitated to start, and I did it with all my devotion – waiting for the perfect man to arrive on my 40th day.

And what did I found along the way? I remember reading in an article: “This shabd will clean karma of past relationships”. As the small letters in a contract, I didn’t pay attention to it…but after a couple of days of reciting, this manifested in all possible ways. I started to have dreams with ex-partners, family, memories of childhood; deep emotions related to different relationships were coming up in dreams mostly, and sometimes crossing my path in my daily life (I could write a book about this). The past and old patterns of relationships kept appearing as mirrors, unresolved issues coming up to be closed. I realized I didn’t loved myself as I thought, I became aware that I wasn’t letting love in. I knew I needed to take some time to heal and love myself first. Today I can say that the greatest gift that meditation and prayer can give us is to remind us of the LOVE that we are. So Purkh brought to my life divine love,  absolute and pure self love.

Prabhu Nam Kaur's CD/Booklet contains instructions, translations, and tips for practicing So Purkh.

Prabhu Nam Kaur’s CD/Booklet contains instructions, translations, and tips for practicing So Purkh.

This practice has been a challenge in many ways. I  observed that during the meditation I experienced uncomfortable feelings, physically and emotionally. Some days it wasn´t easy to relax at all, or to stay still. I tried to do the meditation with the booklet to learn the words, and sometimes I tried just repeating them as I could. It was a slow unfolding process (It is a long shabd for a beginner). I did my best to do the pronunciation correctly, keeping the rhythm of the recording, so I practiced a lot of of patience with myself. Slowly the words starting flowing like warm butter on my tongue. It felt good to feel the vibration in my body. I felt the power of Naad.

Some days I felt the need to read the translation after my meditation. This was very helpful, it gave me a full perspective understanding and finding a name to what I was feeling, experiencing and realizing in my consciousness.

At the moment, I’m on my 59th day of sadhana. This is the first time I have done it for more than 40 days. Yesterday after my meditation, I stayed sitting in front on my altar and wondered: Why do I love this practice so much? Why does it fulfill me completely?

I realized that service  is true happiness, and I see prayer as a powerful way of service through unconditional love, devotion, compassion and total surrender to the Divine, to all.  Reciting So Purkh gives me the opportunity to sit every day and chant to the Divine with all my heart, dedicating this sacred words to a loved one or as a prayer for someone´s greatest good, opening the space for divine love and light to unfold in every relationship. Through prayer as service, I found a beautiful way to connect to my higher self, to have a discipline of self love, and to fully love and recognize the divine in others. To live for the Divine. To allow my life be of service in every way I can.

Click here to listen to Satkirin's gorgeous version of So Purkh.

Click here to listen to Satkirin’s gorgeous version of So Purkh with 11 recitations.

Chanting has been the most rewarding experience in my life. As you repeat this mantra, you take on the frequency of this high vibration and experience it in your body, mind and soul. Chanting to the Divine is recognizing that you are Divine. I remember sometimes during meditation, opening my eyes surprised when I realized this deep truth -”I am Divine”- I could even feel shivers when I became aware of this. You know when you feel something deep in your belly? When you experience it in your core?  So Purkh gave me this gift – I am that Divine being that I’m chanting to! I couldn’t believe this amazing sensation!

When I felt this, I experimented putting a mirror on my altar, and I chanted with my eyes open staring to myself. It was clear now, I could see it, feel it and be it. The Primal Being, the creative force, the One. I am.

So Purkh is a practice of complete awareness, openness and direct experience of the Divine. Vibrating and being our pure Divinity, I see how reciting can attract a partner and a sacred love relationship. If we love ourselves enough, we are open to receive love and pure love becomes our whole reality. We attract what we are, we are what we vibrate, and when we see the world through the eyes of the Divine we see God in all. Love in all.  I am definitely experiencing more loving and conscious relationships, and for that I´m eternally grateful.

I found happiness in loving myself so deeply that I could offer a pure loving prayer to someone. Praying for a loved one is giving with all the heart, and the blessings received are endless. Suddenly you become a chanting meditating heart that gives and receive joyfully, gracefully and in loving gratitude.

I believe with all my heart that prayer is one of our greatest gifts to the world. The prayer of a woman, of a mother, a father, a child, and any loving pure being that nurtures the whole with a prayer, is a divine gift.

Prayer is a golden key to Divinity. There are no words to describe this extasy. This incredible humbleness that arises when you are giving from your soul’s presence effortlessly, full of joy and compassion. Being one with all the voices that chant every day from the heart, allowing the sacred sound to flow, being One with all the generations praying for Peace, Love and Light. I bow. I bow. Wahe Guru.

My infinite gratitude to Guru Ram Das, Yogi Bhajan and the golden chain that carries this life changing teachings. All my gratitude to Nirinjan Kaur and Prabhu Nam Kaur for your Divine recordings that lead the prayer of thousands.

I invite you with all my heart to experience this practice, and please feel free to share your stories. We will be delighted to hear from you!

In love and service,

Sat Nam!

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