SatKirin Kaur Khalsa, who has a strong practice with the So Purkh meditation herself, was inspired to write a message to all those participating in Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Sadhana Challenge: So Purkh!  Thank you SatKirin Kaur!

Dear all,

Yogi Bhajan was the only person I would listen to after leaving home for college. His advice, even if as bizarre sounding as to eat only celery for 40 days, always turned out to have a major transformative experience. (Even though my negative mind worked hard to refute his words). Today on his death anniversary his guidance is very much alive for me. Reciting SOPURKH has a very important place in the success of my marriage.  Rather than recite to attract a partner…applying it in a committed relationship has great worth. He would say that until you are married, there is NO relationship between the man and woman. But try this. When your partner is speaking rudely, ignoring you, or doing any of the innumerable totally upsetting things that push you into major irritation, this is the time to start reciting it. (If you are raging mad better go eat a banana, PRONTO). But this is when I can see how SOPURKH works so magically for me. A misunderstanding has occurred, I am having a major reaction;I hold my breath for a minute. Then I will internalize within and start to recite the words in a whisper. It works wonderfully. In stead of throwing rude verbal invectives or smash the TV set, all regrettably self destructive, I use the recitation to promote him as a saintly man in my mind. This means I start visualizing him in another light and actually see the Godliness in him. Thus I am investing in promoting this possibility through this prayer. Certainly beats spinning off into a mental downward spiral about how bad he is. This really works and has become a work in progress when done daily. I apply this meditation to get into my power of prayer. It empowers me in my intention to create the most good for us as a unit. Guru Nanak talks about marriage as a relationship where one soul merges into two bodies. For a woman to master the power of her projected grace…this represents how she becomes the real Queen of all. Use and share this tool with your sisters. Then more people will find fulfillment in marriage and not run away from the “M” world.


SatKirin Kaur Khalsa

(Editor’s Note:  SatKirin is almost ready to release her new album “Sacred Kiss”, which has a version of So Purkh on it.  I’ve heard the advance copy of the song and it is beautiful!  I can’t wait to share it with you all!)

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