Editor’s Note: The following is a letter I received from Nirinjan Kaur, who asked me to post it where the people doing the 40 Day Sadhana Challenge: So Purkh could see it.

Dear all,

It is so inspiring to me that 250 women from around the world are
doing a So Purkh sadhana together. What an amazing thing! May you all
rise to uplift yourself, heal your past, and live with the grace and
strength you have within you. As women, you have the power to heal
this world with your prayer. You need only to believe it. I am so
grateful to you for giving your voice, your spirit, your light to this
practice, you are truly raising the global consciousness through your
love and devotion!
Remember that you are in the lap of Guru Ram Das,
Keep up : )
My love to you all on your journey!
-Nirinjan Kaur

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