Sat Nam Spirit Voyagers!

Today I get to announce the upcoming release of an album I am very excited about. It is a CD containing four tracks, each of which accompanies a meditation designed to tap into our innate happiness. It is called (quite appropriately) “Reclaiming Your Happiness.” This album will be available June 5!

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who wasn’t interested in being happy. You?

Unlike some lofty yogic goals like enlightenment or levitation, I think it’s safe to say that happiness has some pretty universal appeal.

(The amazing success of Pharrell’s song “Happy” is just a little evidence as witnessed in our popular culture and this year’s Grammy Awards.)

And while happiness is so universally sought, it can often feel like it’s in short supply or difficult to grab hold of.

Happiness can be a slippery thing.

It can also be a little bit of a trickster at times. There are many things out there claiming they will bring us happiness, and we may even feel momentarily “happy” while we are buying them, using them, or doing them… Examples are things like luxury purchases, recreational drugs, gossiping, or sky diving.

It’s not that all these things are bad, but I think you’ll agree that they cannot be depended on as the source of our infinite happiness.

What can be depended on is always there, always with us, and always within us. Can you guess what? YOU!

That’s right, we are the root source and overflowing fountain of our own happiness.

That is why I am so excited about these meditations. Each one has a specific way that it helps us to tap into that source, that fountain. Once we are “tapped” into it we can access that happiness in any situation.

Are you ready?

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.

Because it’s our Truth… our Sat Nam.

Much love,


PS – for a limited time, you can listen to “Sat Nam Ji” – a Meditation to Increase Your Energy so you can begin experiencing the happiness that is your birthright! Click here to listen!

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