(From May 29, 2012)
Sat Nam everyone,

We are at a hotel in Bethel, Connecticut this morning. It has been a challenging tour thus far, but very very beautiful on many levels. For the past two years I have been traveling with my daughter and husband in our RV. Our tour schedule was slower then, in keeping with the rhythm of having a child on tour. My husband and I decided that we really wanted to create a space for our daughter to be with other children, and to go to school. So, we parked the RV, found a house to rent in Santa Cruz, California, enrolled her in school and created a new life together. It worked out beautifully, and she loves her school. To keep the music going we decided that I would still go out with a band and tour, but that the trips would be shorter and a little more packed with events.

So here we are, mid way through our first tour in this new format. I finally have recovered from the shock of not being with my daughter and husband. The first couple of nights I could not sleep. That is not exactly the most ideal state to be in when you are delivering concerts and workshops. That is what I experienced though. I had nowhere to go, but to just meditate with God as the hours passed by. Then with the concerts workshops the energy of the Guru came through big time. The guys played beautiful music, and the mission of what we had come to deliver took over. It was a beautiful experience. I always teach people of the power of tuning in with the mantra, “Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo“, that it tunes you into the Golden Chain and the Light of Guru Ram Das. These past few nights I experienced it first hand. God came through, God came through, God came through.

I am happy to say that sleep has come again, and I am feeling more grounded in my experience. Soon I will reunite with my daughter and husband at Kripalu in a few days for a series of workshops that we are teaching;

The Mantras of Spiritual Warriors

The Mantra Medicine Wheel

God Bless You.

Love, Snatam

(Update, June 2, 2012: Snatam and Sopurkh have decided that Sopurkh and Jap Preet will not to come to Kripalu this time. Snatam is teaching her workshops at Kriplau with the help of Karena Virginia. Snatam will reunite with her family June 6th back at home in Santa Cruz, CA. Thank you, ~Snatam’s Team)

Grace by Snatam Kaur

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