After returning from Portugal a little over a month ago, on the heels of our Europe spring tour getting postponed due to corona virus, I put myself into self-quarantine.  At first I thought it would be a good opportunity to rest, and have some time to reflect and meditate. Instead, as the world situation weighed heavily on my shoulders, I spun into feelings of loneliness and anxiety.  One morning I joined an online morning practice with yoga, and chanting and it brought light into my heart. This awakened within me a desire to serve in this way. So that morning, I decided to start an online Meditation Circle with the healing mantra Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung.  This mantra is a way to connect with the elements that naturally exist within,  of the sun (Ra), the moon (Ma), the earth (Da), infinity (Sa) and the heavens (So Hung: I am Thou Oh Divine One). It brings one back to a still point, and this is where healing begins. Because we are all connected in the fabric of existence, then one can send that healing energy out through prayer. We’ve been going 5 weeks strong I think! We gather every morning at 11 am east coast on my Facebook ( and Instagram (

Meditation Circle

Posted by Snatam Kaur on Thursday, April 23, 2020


And we are collectively sending healing energy to people on the front lines (doctors, nurses, essential service workers), people who are sick, people who have lost loved ones, people experiencing anxiety and financial troubles, and more, as the intentions for healing come from the people joining the circle.  There are people meditating with us from all over the world, and some of those people are actually sick, or have lost loved ones in this pandemic.  Realizing the great numbers of people dying, and that many had passed away alone, we then began to chant a second mantra after Ra Ma Da Sa, which is the mantra Akaal.  It is a one-word mantra, and it means “without death.” It is chanted to help the departed souls, realize their true undying nature, and as we chant it, we can send prayers that the soul merges into the embrace of the One, and that all family members are healed.

I started out with a couple of Iphones propped up on some books, and now have some actual stands and even a microphone.  I’m enjoying watching myself go through all of my stylish and not so stylish outfits, and these I am digging into my sweater drawer for a new look.  I’ve had good days, and bad days; times when I was funny, and times when my jokes stank, times when my mind was totally focused, and times when it wasn’t.  Nevertheless, I’ve showed up every day, and without fail it is a healing experience. I am deeply touched by the beautiful prayers and energy of the people joining us. I am also deeply touched by the power of the mantras. As I sing my heart out, I am finding that these mantras are helping me to find ways to bring healing into my life and this world. That is a beautiful miracle to me that I feel so blessed to share, and pray that others are feeling this as well.

After my self-quarantine ended, and I rejoined my family (yay!), my husband Sopurkh Singh and I started to teach online to share what we know of Kundalini yoga, meditation and chanting. We teach three classes a week, open to all levels, that is donation based. On Wednesday at 4pm, and Thursday at 9:30 am, my husband is the lead teacher, with a focus on Kundalini yoga and meditation.  On Saturdays at 1 pm I am the lead teacher with a focus on Mantra. All times are listed as east coast. Please see information below.

I am grateful that our livestream Meditation Circle has been a way to connect with people in Europe that were planning to come to one of our concerts. I have loved seeing the comments from various cities we had hoped to visit.  I imagine your voices and presence in my heart. Our European tour has been postponed for about a year from now, with most dates solidified. All of that information is listed HERE

I believe that we each have a capacity to grow and open up to a deeper peace within us, even amidst this great challenge.

I send prayers and blessings to you to stay in the light, to be healthy, and joyful.

With Love,


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