Sat Nam everyone. With this Gratitude Monday blog I really try to stay current to what is present to me. So I offer to you the mantra that I can’t get out of my head!

This mantra is in the Aquarian Sadhana that Yogi Bhajan gave in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. It is at the very end of Rehraas, the evening prayer for Sikhs.

It is called “Rakhe Rakhanhaar.”

This morning in fact we had a visitor to the ashram. I asked her if she knew all of the mantras for the Sadhana. She did in fact know most of them, but not the mantra “Rakhe Rakhanhaar.” It is a long mantra in comparison to many others given in Kundalini Yoga. Many times I hear people say that they just can’t figure this one out… and have totally given up even trying to learn it.

If you are one of these people, perhaps my sharing with you today will inspire you to learn this mantra and apply it to your life.

When you feel that you need protection, sing Rakhe Rakhanhaar. This is how I can relate it to you from my personal experience.

If you feel threatened by someone, when you chant Rakhe Rakhanhaar it will not only bring protection to you, but cover the grace and bring healing to the person who was threatening you.

It is a slow process, but works quickly! Let me explain this incredible phenomena. The moment I consciously began chanting this mantra it quickly shifted the energy of the situation so that I was totally protected. I didn’t have to say or do anything. It worked on my inner psyche so powerfully that my whole relationship to the situation shifted and I was no longer in the line of threat. And then there was a slow process of healing that took place over many years. As I look back on it the healing was profound and beyond anything I could have ever conceived of praying for.

I will now share with you the meaning of this beautiful mantra with my personal take on it.

Rakhe rakhanhaar aap ubaarian
Oh protector, the One who protects, you yourself lifts us up, carries us across.
(Give it to God, it is God’s Creation, allow that One to carry you.)

Gur kee pairee paa-ee-ay kaaj savaarian
You gave us the touch of the Lotus Feed of the Guru, and our work is totally taken care of.
(Imagine how beautiful all of your work would be with the remembrance of the Guru’s feet at your forehead. Are you truly doing what your work for the Guru, for the Divine Energy in yourself and all beings? In chanting this line with consciousness you can begin to see clearly what is truly serving and what is not. May our work be one hundred percent in service to the Guru.)

Ho-aa aap dayaal manoh na visaarian
You are merciful, kind and compassionate. Our minds do not forget You.
(In this line we give our gratitude to God. We call God merciful and compassionate. Most people in their complaining about their lives really in essence are complaining about God… because God is the Creator and the Creation. God is energy! By having gratitude to God we attract positive and good energy our way. We make friends with God!)

Saad janaa kay sang bavajal taarian.
In the Sadh Sangat, in the company of those living in consciousness, You carry us across and save us from misfortune, slander and disaster. (When we live in conscious community there is an aura or vibration that gets created by the collective effort. It gives you an absolutely real protection and grace. In these times especially many people are being called to create conscious community for that very reason.)

Saakat nindak dusht kin mahe bidaarian
In an instant you cut away the negativity and slander. (This is the line that really makes energy shift in challenging situations and gives you instantaneous protection.)

Tis sahib kee tayk Nanak man mahe
That Lord and Master is my anchor and support. Oh Nanak, hold firm to that One in your mind. (It all comes back to us, in our own minds, to create the anchor to God as the One who is the Support. God is there for us… so strong, so real, we just forget. This line helps us remember.)

Jis simarath sukh ho-ay sagalay dukh jaa-ay
Remembering God in meditation happiness comes and all sorrows and pains simply vanish. (This is the power of chanting God’s Name… it works… chant God’s Name… and your troubles will depart. try it.)

God Bless you.

I hope this has served you in some way.

On this day of remembrance to Martin Luther King may we feel the courage that was in his heart and that is in his Spirit today…. his beautiful Spirit that is cheering us on as we stand up for truth in our own lives.

Here is a link to our Amrit Vela album with this mantra on it, and also to a 31 minute version.

Here is a link to a meditation that we have provided with a recording of Rakhe Rakhanhaar. This recording was one of my first recordings that I did in Eugene, Oregon with my beloved friends Tarn Taran Singh and Jai Jeet Sangeet Singh. In addition this link will show you many other artists who have also recorded this Mantra. Enjoy!!


Snatam Kaur

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