Monday, November 21, 2011

Sat Nam everyone. This Gratitude Monday I am grateful for the flow of the Ganga River.

Swirling around rocks that have become smooth with her touch.
Singing a song of joy into the hearts of those who listen.
Carrying prayers, ashes, and love.
Ice cold
River of hope
River of light, River of life.
Mother River
Connected to all Rivers.
May your waters become clean.

Now that I have lived at the banks of the Ganga for the past three weeks her song has gotten into my heart. She serves 450 million people from start to finish. We are close to her origins where her waters are still relatively clean. However she suffers such incredible pollution that the sacred river which has been the giver of life for thousands of years is actually now a source of disease for many who live on her banks. It is an incredible tragedy, and yet a powerful wake up call for all of us… whether we live on the banks of the Ganga, any other river, or any source of water. Our water is sacred. This gratitude Monday I am grateful for the gift of clean water, and pray that as a humanity we have the capacity to keep our waters sacred and clean. Please see this website started by Swami ji to clean up the Ganga River. May you be inspired as I have been.

Many Blessings,
Snatam Kaur

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