Sat Nam everyone. This Gratitude Monday I am grateful for the power of music and poetry! We are calling for all song writers to send us songs for our upcoming children’s album in the Sing a Little Song Project and have already received some really beautiful songs. Do you have a song?

This is one I wrote yesterday.

Pouring Down

The rain is pouring down, Oh God
Pouring down on me
Your Love is so Infinite
Pouring down on me.

Love finds its way home
And Oh it came to me.
Right inside my heart Sweet Love
Pouring down on me.

We have travelled Oh so far
Now we can just be.
With our hearts open wide P
ouring down from Thee.

by Snatam Kaur

So the latest news from us is that we are settling into Santa Cruz, California! Yay! Our daughter had her first day in her new preschool and it went really well. For first time parents… this is a big deal!! So we are thrilled. We are on day 8 of our 40 Day Global Sadhana, “Release Fears to become a Conscious Leader.” You can join any time you like. Sopurkh and I are practicing right along with over 10,000 people from all over the planet. It is such an incredible feeling. You can still sign up for it. Soon we will be in Costa Rica for our Song of the Self Retreat. I am so happy to say that we have enough children signed up for a full fledged children’s program with our wonderful teachers Jai Fuller and Parmatma Khalsa. Our family is really looking forward to this special event.

Love, Snatam

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