Snatam with her daughter Jap Preet and brother Steve

Sat Nam!

Over the weekend I got to be in Brooklyn NY, staying with my Dad and his wife who live here and spending some very nice time with them and my brother Steve who lives in Brooklyn also. What a great place! I love Prospect Park…. people biking everywhere, all sorts of different kinds of dogs, fun play grounds, a lake with ducks to feed…. ie…. toddler’s paradise. We biked there every day of our stay.

Being in Brooklyn for the tenth anniversary of September 11 was quite potent. Yesterday morning, I just felt it in the air. We watched a bit of the memorial service at Ground Zero on television. I was struck by the beauty and courage of the families. People who lost loved ones in 9/11 took turns reading all of the names of those who lost their lives on that day. One of the relatives said as she spoke the name of her loved one…. “We live each moment in honor of you.” It was so beautiful. To come up from the ashes of something so terrible with that much grace and courage was beautiful.

I began to think of how very fortunate my life is. How blessed I am. And how powerful it is to live in each moment with gratitude. Oh…. so much work needed in this area for me! That woman who spoke such powerful words went through something very painful to reach that state of awareness.

I prayed at that moment that all of us may have that understanding through our collective experience. My brother Steve talked about it with me too as we walked through the streets of Brooklyn one evening. He has this incredible gift that in any situation that I have ever been in with him he is completely mindful of being kind to everyone. He has never spoken a word to hurt anyone that I have ever heard. I told him that this is such an amazing gift. That this is a saintly quality.

In response he said that for him it is living in Grace, it is living each moment in your highest excellence.

So there it is folks. Enlightenment in the streets of Brooklyn! Have a wonderful week and signing out from one of the greatest places on the planet.


Snatam Kaur

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