Snatam Kaur performed ‘Darashan Maago’ from her Grammy-Nominated album, Beloved.  This shabd was requested by the academy after reviewing the album.

When the academy officials wrote us to request this song, I mentioned to Snatam that she could write them back and suggest one of the songs that get more downloads and streams.

This is what she wrote me back:

“I played it through this morning and was brought to tears.  I feel that the Guru wants this played at the Grammys and will hold the space for us beautifully.  It is a totally unique sound to what is normally played there, I would imagine, and may be a breath of fresh air for people.  It is totally in my bones, blood, and spirit.  I am completely on board to play this and feel it will work beautifully.”

Then a few minutes later I got another e-mail from her that said:

“Oh and one more thing….

Darashan Maago dayh piaaraay
Oh God, my Beloved, please give me the blessing of Your presence, the presence of soul, light, and self.
Beloved!!!  Piaaraay!!  I’m gonna get to sing that at the top of my lungs!!!  yay God!”
Every time I put my business hat on to try to direct Snatam in a particular direction, I am always humbled by her clear intention to follow her heart, her intuition, and the divine guidance she receives.  And as you can see, it was the right choice!
We are so grateful that she had this opportunity to share this incredible shabad with millions of viewers all around the globe!

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