How do we so easily forget that we are creations of the One Creator? How do we so easily slip into a mayhem of thoughts in our minds that gives us no peace? How can we bring ourselves back into a state of calm?

There are many paths, many Dharmas, many practices that answer just that question. I will delve into my Dharma or my path to share a little of my experience.

Sat Nam” are the original words, the original teaching, the original sound current given to us by Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak was born in what is now Pakistan in the 15th Century. At the time this land that he was born in which was a part of India at the time was ruled by the Mogul Empire. There were two waves of destruction to the human psyche that was passing through India at the time. One was an extremist effort by the Mogul Empire to convert everyone to their religion, the other was an age old caste system.

Guru Nanak himself was born into a Hindu family, where religious ritual was held in high regard. As he grew up, one after the next ritual, was questioned and tested by this young boy of light. He wanted to know the truth, the “Sat” in everything. In the tradition of his family a boy at the age of 13 receives blessings from a local priest, is given a string to wear symbolizing his connection to God, and food is served to the family and friends. At Guru Nanak’s gathering with everyone ready for him to receive the sacred thread, the young boy interrupted the ceremony and asked what would happen with his connection to God when in fact the string wore out?

His parents were mortified as the account goes.

But this was only the beginning of a series of events in Guru Nanak’s life that would one day make him the founding Guru of the Sikh religion, and a great Saint for not only the entire of India, but the world.

Guru Nanak taught that we must always find the truth in all that we do, find a way to be ourselves, find a way to tap into the Universal Truth in what we are saying, and what we are doing. He gave us a tool to do just that, and it is the second word of this mantra that I am sharing with you today, it is the word, “Nam.” Nam means the Name of God. It is a noun. It is the one thing that we can lean on, that will not wear away like a thread, that lives on even after our human form passes.

So he said to us “Sat Nam” or “Truth is God’s Name.”

If you want to tap into your inner truth, chant this mantra.

In fact breathe it. Join me today. We will do a little experiment. The whole day long, inhale “Sat” exhale “Nam.” As you work, as you cook, as you drive, as you have a conversation… make it work. In your mind think these words and allow your breath to be nice and long as you inhale “Sat” and then exhale “Nam”. Tap in to the Divine Light, the Guiding Light, the Absolutely Free to Everyone Light that exists with us. You know, just weave it into your day as something fun. Don’t get stressed about it. Let’s just try it with light hearts.

And let’s see what we can do.

Hail Hail Guru Nanak. Thank you for these Divine words of love and light that you have given us.



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