A Small Death

by Snatam Kaur

You say I have to be awake in this dream?
How is that possible
Amidst all of the confusion?
How am I to know what is real
And what is not?
The sound of my life
Crashing down at times
To the floor
Asking for your help.
And that is how it was last night
When I looked for answers in the dark.
Reaching out into the unknown,
Now a familiar feeling
And that is when you spoke to me.
You said,
“All the answers are in your breath dear child, breathe!”
I protested a moment with some shallow breathing.
You chuckled the weight of my stubbornness away
Just enough
That I decided to take a breath.
And so it began
Breath, by breath
Nothing quick about it
Nothing magic
Just my breath
Bringing in those things you call Love and Light
That are simply Your arms, sweet God
Your embrace of Love and Light.
And slowly, slowly
I felt you.
Enough to know that you were with me
That you were me.
That I could let go.
A small death once again
That allowed me to go to sleep.

Sat Nam.

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