Simrit Kaur shares her experiences at Sat Nam Fest and the practices she uses to stay healthy, happy and holy! Simrit Kaur will be back this year at Sat Nam Fest Live in Concert Friday April 19 Featuring Special Guest Belinda Carlisle.

What’s your favorite memory from Sat Nam Fest?

My favorite memory at Sat Nam Fest…, that’s hard to answer. There are lots of awesome ones. I think if I had to say just one, then I would mention all the kindness I’ve experienced with different people I’ve either met or known at the festival. It’s always a place to unite together. And that is powerful to me.

What are you looking forward to this year?

This year I’m looking forward to experiencing all the amazing music and yoga classes. I’m also looking forward singing with my dear friend, Belinda Carlisle, on Friday evening.

Spoiler Alert: What can you share about your SNF West concert?

Not too much. It’s a surprise.

Can you talk about an album that you love and tell us why?

Singh Kaur’s Peace Lagoon. Because it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

What’s your favorite mantra and what does it mean?

Sat nam Wahe Guru.   It means,  “I am Truth” and “Wow! This Truth is great beyond the mind’s conception.”  This is a mystical way of relating to my Soul.  I love it.

How did you get into Kundalini Yoga?

A friend suggested Kundalini yoga to me after I expressed that I wanted something different than my other yoga practice. I took my first Kundalini yoga class 13 years ago, and I’ve never stopped since.

What’s your personal practice right now?

I currently am still doing the same practice I’ve been doing for almost 13 years now except I’ve added a few extra things to it. I do warm-ups, a few kriyas…..Sat Kriya being the most important in my practice, I recite the same mantras(pauris) from Japji everyday, I read the Gurmukhi script(which is what I am chanting in)and I also practice with my vocals and music regularly. My family and I also have about half a dozen mantras playing in our house all the time. They never turn off. So our house is a pulsating mantra. We can feel the energy field of our home from a ways away before we pull up into the driveway. Our friends say them same thing about it. Since my practice takes up a lot of time, I do my practices spread throughout the day. That’s the way I like it because I’m constantly doing things all day which keep me in focus. I like taking my practice everywhere I go. It works and it is practical.

How do you stay calm and centered with busy teaching/touring schedule?

 I have to chant mantras (aloud and silently) as much as I can. I feel so enlivened when I repeat a mantra over and over. I chant them while cooking, cleaning, walking around, driving, etc, etc. The mantra helps me focus into my heart and in my truth. I literally have to chant mantras so that I can thrive in this busy, fast paced life. They keep my mind clear and clean. Otherwise it’s easy to get super bogged down with life in general, so mantras are my saving grace. I do my yoga practice the best I can when traveling because it keeps my body and mind really calm and feeling good, and it helps the energy to flow really well through me. And I listen to music and read and watch things that help me connect into my heart. When I am in my heart, then I experience the real juice of life.

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