Simrit Kaur

Hi Everyone!  Here I am writing from the gorgeous place that I live in, Nevada City, CA!  It is one of the most beautiful and epic places that I have ever been on this planet.  So many people travel far and wide to find this kind of vibe, and I am so grateful to experience it right here!

There is an amazing event happening exactly one month from now in the magnificent and mystical Blue Ridge Mountains of Waynesboro, PA.  I personally invite you to join me, along with many other musicians and yogis, to the 2nd annual Spirit Fest!  This festival encompasses so much gorgeous and uplifting music, yoga, and a beautiful community of people from all over the world having a fantastic time together!  We are blessed to have a line-up with musicians like Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Nirinjan Kaur, and many, many others!

I had the honor of playing last year in the festival as well, and it was nothing short of a life-changing experience. During the weekend, I saw some old friends, met many new ones, and got to listen to so many amazing musicians.  It was a very inspiring weekend for me, and I had such a blast!   I am really grateful to SpiritVoyage, for creating this epic festival. I know the team personally and how much they are working tirelessly to top last year’s festival, which was already so amazing! This crew of people on the SpiritVoyage team is really stellar! They are wonderful people with a serious mission to spread light on this planet through uplifting music!

If you aren’t already familiar with Spirit Fest, I encourage you to got to the website and check it out at  Come join me and many others in a magical and fun-filled weekend.  Come bliss out to some really amazing music, and be a part of this special vibration!  My band and I will play on the afternoon of the 16th at 2:45, and we will also play live music in Mahan Rishi’s yoga class on the 17th at 4:30pm!  I look forward to seeing you there, and I look forward to another memorable weekend filled with bliss!

Love Always,

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