Through this album, LUNAR,  I’ve been exploring the energy of each different phase of the moon and the cycles that we all experience during a full cycle of the moon. Shadow moon is specifically exploring the very internal quiet and shadowy space of the new moon. The new moon feels like an important time to take space to rest and can also be a creatively fruitful time, if I allow myself that descent into the quiet, spacious, restful, and internal time. Even just a half hour journaling before bed during this time of the month gives that sense of an inward listening that feels like it mirrors the movement of nature. Taking the time to have a bath, light a candle, listen to music – anything to encourage that quiet space which can be dark and still… that’s what I wanted to explore in this song, and also to create a companion for those restful and reflective experiences.

The inspiration for this song was to create music to give a felt experience of the quiet, dark and still energy of the New Moon. Some of my favorite practices during this energy are making art, journaling, taking baths, getting massages, relaxing deeply- anything that gives space for the internal world, rather than going external. While these practices resonate with me, none are set in stone or exclusive ways to connect within this energy- the ways that we can practice are unique to each person and their own way of relating to these cycles. Bringing our awareness to what’s happening in nature can be illuminating because it often is reflecting how we feel inside.. but what we do to align with that can be very individual and takes a lot of listening.

I really wanted this song to be a helpful tool for relaxation, to use in your own space, or also for healers to use as support in their work. So as I was working on it, I would often take a break and have a bath or lay down outside and listen to the track instead of being in the more analytical studio space. This allowed me to have the experience of being in the energy that I was trying to create in the song. During the recording process I even brought the song with me when I had massages. My massage therapist is a dear friend and she really got into it with me. Each time I would go to her for a massage, I would bring the latest mix of the song to play so she could tell me her experience as a healer working with the song, and I could have the experience of receiving healing with song. I could hear it from a relaxed place rather than trying to figure it out, and I think that made a big difference.

Another aspect of this song that was different is that my songs are usually very collaborative, and involve other musicians in the studio with their input and individual musicality coming into the creative process. With this song, I went with the energy of the new moon- just working on it late at night by myself. Ezra played a guitar drone throughout, but once I had that recorded, I spent a lot of time trying to be in the New Moon space, recording all the instruments myself and going as far as possible into the energy of solitude and quiet. This made the whole experience very meditative and deep for me.


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