The month of September brings sweeping change and upheaval to planet Earth. We are poised as a humanity at an emotional crossroads, where the last straw will snap in relation to many personal as well as global issues, bringing about a surge of impetuous behavior coupled with an almost cavalier concern for the final results. There is a desire to make up for lost time and wasted effort, and this impassioned resolve can create more problems than solutions, if not properly harnessed.

We are revisiting the “double 5” paradigm, where there is a 5 for the overall year (2+0+1+2=5), along with another 5 appearing in the Base calculation (month of  9 + year of  5 = 14 = 5). This configuration is particularly intense, as 9 represents completion, and in some cases death.  We are feeling pushed and pressured to leave behind that which is no longer appropriate for us, and depending on the level of consciousness at which we or others are operating, things could get a bit dramatic! These dramas can also take place in our own mind, and it is important to not let yourself get caught up in such an intense internal dialogue that you end up creating a war where you are the only casualty. It happens.

The full moon of this month, occurring on September 29th to 30th (depending on your time zone), is a particularly intense 48 hour cycle. It is imperative to avoid all conflict, as things will have a tendency to escalate way out of proportion to the actual circumstances.

There is a catchy rock n’ roll song from 1969 called “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song resembles the potential chaos of this time, so move gently through these days, and know that you are protected by a shield of divinity when you call upon your Guardian Angel.

Looking to the lighter side of September, and fortunately there is one, we will see the beginning of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Number 9 (September) is the Fire Element, and we will have the opportunity to burn away from inside ourselves the mental and physical shackles of discontent and emotional slavery. To finally break free of that which has held us captive (addiction, poor self esteem, etc,), is quite a tall order, so pace yourself as you move through this uniquely liberating time.

The overall number for 2012 is a 5, and 5 represents freedom and liberation. Five teaming up with the 9 of September creates a fierce desire to move forward with a “take no prisoners!” approach to life. The most fascinating part of this analogy is the fact that the prisoner we are no longer willing to take along is ourself.

The charm of September is in the Heart number, which is a 12 or 3. Twelve is the number of tribes, and 3 is social energy, nurturing and creativity. Through the intensity of change on the planet, people who might not have been able to connect will now have the opportunity to do so. There will be a surge of positive response to every situation and circumstance which poses a challenge, and new friendship and alliances will be formed in an instant through these events.

It is important to note that not everyone will be experiencing an “over the top” drama in their life. Powerful change can happen on a more subtle level as well. If you have seen the 1991 movie “Grand Canyon” starring Kevin Kline, it illustrates the inter-connectivity of people’s lives, and how the choices they make are either liberating or confining.  When Mary McDonnell’s character, Claire, is speaking to her husband about adopting an infant that God has placed in her path, she says to him, “Maybe we don’t have any experience with miracles, so we’re slow to recognize them.” This film is worth watching, as there are many pearls of wisdom woven into the dialogue and script.

As the days unfold to the 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock shift, it is important to hold a space of prayer for humanity, as people are at times struggling with their life’s issues.       I have created a new habit for myself — whenever I see or hear of a tragic event in the news, I immediately stop what I am doing, bring my hands into prayer pose, and chant three long “Sat Nam’s” for the people in need of help.

As our Souls long to feel included in that which is kind, loving and gentle, know that you are invited to join the “Tribe of the Thousand Petal Lotus.” The lotus flower rests on the surface of the pond, above the muck, silt, and salamanders, emitting the most wonderful fragrance to the world. In comparison to it’s environments, the lotus flower is “In the world, but not of the world”.

Joining together in our tribal bond, each one a petal of the lotus flower, we will dwell in a linked energy of conscious prayer for the uplifting of humanity. Our group psyche will send such a beautiful ray of light that cuts through the darkness of despair, so all may find their way. There is help and hope for all, and I’m right there with you. Sat Nam.

“Those who shall rise to serve the Age of Aquarius shall live forever in the memory of the generations to follow.” ~ Yogi Bhajan  

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