Every time I travel I meet women struggling with relationships. Some of these woman are married and many others are just trying to find their balance. The balance that they are seeking is how to live in the strength of their feminine without becoming masculine.  I reflect on this every time I finish reciting the BHAND JAMEE-AI.

As soon as a woman becomes confrontational with her man she looses the power of her beaming capacity. A woman can beam like the moon. The man does not have this quality. This is why a woman can cover herself, her husband and her children through her prayer. Such a beautiful God given gift to be a woman. She does not have to chase after a man. She does not have to decorate herself or make herself nude or rude or sexy. When she does this she is is just wasting her power.

So beautiful souls in the world chanting on this shabd…..know that you are building a shield of protection around you that will maintain your grace and through which no man can insult you. Just maintain your prayerful frequency and polish your soulful beaming and allow the universe to serve your highest goodness.I recorded BLESSINGS OF A WOMAN for you to embellish your grace and prayerfullness. The BHAND JAMEE-AI on this cd is a deep experience using the power of the RAGA and the words of the shabd to give you a deep experience of your divine woman self.

Many blessings to you with love,
Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

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