“The media are telling you that relief has reached to every corner??? Here is the truth..see for yourself…” wrote Prabha from Ramana’s Garden in desperation with photos of villages where aid has not reached.  Prabha is passionate about children who are not being helped.  She is a warrior who fights for people who can’t fight for themselves.  In these times of disasters, people take advantage.  Children are being abducted and sold on the sex market now in Nepal.  Villages are trapped and can’t be reached.    Prabha knows how to cut through the fluff and get to the point.

So I realized it was time for Sat Nam Foundation to jump back into action.

We’ve all seen the devastation that the earthquake in Nepal has wrought in the media.  It’s heart-wrenching to see the faces of little girls whose homes fell to the ground.  Many of the stories in the media now are about the successes and the rescues.  But the second wave of disaster that hits any country after they have been hit by the forces of mother nature are the human ones.  Poverty, disease, violence, and hunger.

Sat Nam Foundation reached out to the sacred chant artists that Spirit Voyage has worked with for so many years to donate their time and music to help us with this new project.  We are now asking you to join with us.  Supported by Spirit Voyage and Satya Jewelry, we are launching today our biggest fund raiser yet.  With your help, we will raise $100,000 to support the relief efforts in Nepal.


Sat Nam Foundation is funding groups on the ground who are bringing supplies and support to the hardest hit areas of Nepal.

We are working with our friends at Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home, the site of our last Seva project, who are organizing tents and supplies to be hiked in to some of the most remote regions where aid isn’t already getting in.

We are also working with The Divine Shakti Foundation, headed by leaders of Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, who are organizing large truckloads to take desperately needed aid into Nepal.

They are sending food, tents, lanterns, blankets, clothing, insect repellent and medical supplies.

A year ago, Sat Nam Foundation began our first project with Prabha, and raised $65,000 to help her build a dormitory for the orphanage and school for destitute children she runs in Rishikesh, called Ramana’s Garden.  In November, a group of us travelled to Ramana’s Garden to help launch the building of that dormitory and to meet the incredible children that are raised without the stigma of caste that would keep them from entering society.  Every child who enters Ramana’s Garden is from the “Untouchable” class in India.  Prabha steadfastly removes that from their records.  We met some of her graduates, young men and women going to medical school, going to law school, starting businesses, and working as teachers.  It was one of the most inspiring experiencing of my life, seeing the successes that her work has achieved.  This was all funded by a Kirtan Aid album.


Sat Nam Foundation trip to Ramana’s Garden


We are now ready to do this again!

Click here to join us and donate now!


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