sv_SNF_sangat_910x452My experience at the first Spirit Fest (now called Sat Nam Fest) in West Virginia in 2010 changed my life. I do not use those words lightly, but it is just so true. During that weekend of yoga, music, mantras and dancing, the real me broke through. Finally! Wahe Guru!

I was just “so happy” – but it was really difficult to be thrust back to life as it was before.  Heading home after that incredibly impactful weekend in 2010, I did not fully understand the changes that were blooming in my life, nor was I prepared for dealing with what was my previous “normal” life back in Washington, DC.

Fast forward to now: Spirit Fest is now called Sat Nam Fest, the festivals happen more than once a year and now I have started to teach at them. Quite a dramatic shift for me after attending and now serving at ten of these festivals over six years.

I know from meeting many of you at Sat Nam Fest that this event has shifted perspectives, brightened outlooks and just plain made so many of you happy! But I know it has been tough for me and others to “bring the festival home” and keep up that “prana filled feeling”.

That is where the Sat Nam Fest Sangat comes in. Sangat /SUNG get/ (italics) is a term used to refer to community or spiritual family. This Facebook group is for the Sat Nam Fest family – whether we have attended in person or in spirit. We are here to uplift and support each other to keep that happiness and prana going in each of our every day lives. We are here to support you as you “bring home the bliss”.

I am so honored to be one of the hosts of the Sat Nam Fest Sangat. I look forward to sharing my musings, ideas and inspirations with you in the weeks to come about Kundalini yoga, daily practice, teaching, chanting… and much more! You are all invited to contribute, comment, like and share, and most important support your fellow sangat members as we continue our adventures with yoga and mantra and live lives that are true to our highest selves.

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