Day four is here! I can hardly believe I’ve been at Sat Nam Fest East for four days; it seems to go by in a flash. (Maybe they should re-name it “Sat Nam Fast”?!)

Aquarian sadhana this morning with Mirabai Ceiba was just beautiful (Angelika’s name so perfectly suits her angelic sound!). Today was also the 40th day of our Global Sadhana “Transforming Negativity to Love.” Day 40! I made it. As the voices repeated the affirmation for self-love at the end of the meditation, I just closed my eyes and listened for a moment. It sounded like a chorus of heavenly beings with everyone joining together to repeat the words of forgiveness, self-acceptance, and love. Who would have thought I’d have any tears left to shed after 40 days of this? But I did.

The morning included another class with Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur (for more on this extraordinary duo read Cate’s recap of day 3!) Gurmukh had promised that this class would be “fun” and she wasn’t kidding. We were treated to a special closing with all the children who were present at the event (except the babies, of course!) singing “Long Time Sun” and distributing hugs. I doubt there was a dry eye in the place!

After brunch we gathered for the closing workshop: Yoga and Mantras for Prosperity with GuruGanesha and Karan Khalsa, aka “the heart of Spirit Voyage,” who did an awesome job of keeping the event on track.  GuruGanesha entertained us with stories of the old days at Yogi Bhajan’s ranch, and then led us into the first mantra, “Bountiful Am I, Blissful Am I, Beautiful Am I” with the GuruGanesha Band. Karan explained that the first step of being prosperous is recognizing that you are already prosperous and expressing gratitude for the bounty we already have every day in our lives. Surrounded by other yogis, joining together to recite this mantra, I did indeed feel like the richest woman on earth.

As we chanted along with the GuruGanesha Band the entire Sat Nam Fest family joined together on stage and I felt honored to be in the midst of so much talent, creativity and love. It was inspiring to see all the Sat Nam Fest artists and everyone who made this special Kundalini yoga event come to life. (Shout out: Happy Birthday to Jai-Jagdeesh!)

On the way home, driving through the beautiful countryside, I contemplated what Karan and GuruGanesha had said. As birds soared above me, golden cornfields to my right and left, and an endless blue sky, I thought of the abundance we all share every moment of our lives on this extraordinary planet. Gratitude filled my heart, and I felt blessed to have found this path.

This was my first Sat Nam Fest and I was impressed by the seamless flow of classes, music, and yogic camaraderie. I have a feeling that I’ll be basking in the afterglow for weeks to come.

Of course, the extra good news is that Sat Nam Fest Mexico is already planned for December 29-January 1. So mark your calendars now for yet another amazing Kundalini yoga music festival! Sat Nam!


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