Ram Dass and Nirinjan Kaur leading the Aquarian Sadhana mantras

 Editor’s Note:  From Kundalini yoga with Harijiwan, to kirtan with the GuruGanesha Band, day 2 of Sat Nam Fest had something for everyone!  Kathryn Livingston shares her experience of Sat Nam Fest day 2.

When I woke up this morning the mountain air was crisp and the stars were still twinkling brightly in the sky. At sadhana, Nirinjan Kaur and Ram Dass provided the music. As for bliss, need I say more?

After the Aquarian mantras, Ramdesh took the stage and invited those who wanted to participate in the 40 day Global Sadhana meditation “Transforming Negativity to Love” to join us. I was very excited to join with others in this meditation, and the live musical accompaniment made it all the more lovely. Over 12,000 yogis are engaged in this sadhana around the world.

The first class of the morning was Yoga with Harijiwan with music by Simrit Kaur and their band, “White Sun.” Harijiwan led us in a challenging kriya to strengthen the navel and open the chakras. He explained that this is a time of tremendous cosmic energy. He led us to align our psyches so that we can open up to the positive energy coming from the white hole in the universe, attracting the positive into our lives, while letting go of that which does not serve us through the black hole. As Harijiwan might say, “Sounds like a plan!”

Though he touches on some serious, cosmic issues, Harijiwan kept us all laughing with his wry sense of humor. Then on to 21 minutes of chanting Ra Ma Da Sa to heal the psyche, followed by the sensation of soaring through the universe to the gong’s vibration. In this sacred place at this sacred time, the class neared its end as we chanted along with Simrit’s meditative and mesmerizing voice as our guide.

On the lush grounds surrounding the retreat center, yogis basked in the sunshine and light, entertained by crickets, birds, and chipmunks. Then, it was back to a fabulous concert with Nirinjan and Ram Dass (more bliss, anyone?) Nirinjan’s sound is so pure that its as if it’s been cleansed by water and sent out on a breeze. The set included a musical Sa Re Sa Sa, a lively Sabh Karta and Ram Dass’s Sat Narayan , inspired by “a Disney Russian winter.” (You had to be there!)

In the late afternoon we were treated to a spirited class led by Akasha accompanied by Jai-Jagdeesh, whose voice is like a sparkling jewel. The class, which worked on the Ten Bodies and the nervous system, included some challenging poses (lunges are not my forte!) as well as some moments of peaceful repose. Akasha encouraged us to “trust and stay in your heart: the answers will come.”

Kundalini Yoga with Akasha and Jai-Jagdeesh

After another wholesome vegetarian dinner, we gathered again for Mirabai Ceiba followed by the GuruGanesha Band. I had never seen either group  in person, and it was an awe-inspiring experience. The audience was hushed when Mirabai Ceiba began, perhaps already knowing that the couple would weave a magical, musical spell. Indeed they did, including new selections from their brand new CD (out soon!) inspired by the poems of Rumi and words of Khalil Gibran from The Prophet, as well as some old favorites (which, BTW, never seem to get old!) The standing ovation at the end of their set reflected the crowd’s joy.

Last up on the this glorious night—and certainly not least–was the GuruGanesha  Band. Guruganesha announced that he’s about to celebrate his 62nd birthday, and life just keeps getting better and better. He keeps getting better and better, too. There seems to be no limit to his exuberance and creativity!

After a couple of “sweet,” meditative selections (featuring the gorgeous voice of Paloma Devi) GuruGanesha said it was time for us to “take our medicine.” What medicine was he talking about? Dancing, of course! “Dance for your soul! Dance for you!” GuruGanesha instructed. “Dancing is medicine for the soul!”

Needless to say, we were all on our feet within seconds! There’s nothing like a good, hearty dose of the GuruGanesha Band to cure whatever ails you!

Another five-star day at Sat Nam Fest! Night, all…


Dancing to the music during The GuruGanesha Band's set

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