Yoga with Siri Om at Sat Nam Fest

(Editor’s note:  We’re sorry Kathryn didn’t arrive until after Sat Siri’s amazing morning class with the beautiful Jai-Jagdeesh! Powerful and energizing…it rocked!)

After driving through Pennsylvania’s pastures and golden cornfields on a beautiful autumn day my traveling mate (a lovely lady named Mako who currently resides in Australia) arrived just in time for a delicious vegetarian lunch at Sat Nam Fest. At check in I saw Ram Dass and then in the lunchroom I ran into Jai-Jagdeesh, who was sitting at a table with Dharm Khalsa, Harnam, and some other Sat Nam Fest musicians. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, and if you’re a sacred chant fan that’s exactly what Sat Nam Fest will feel like to you. It’s almost too good to be true!

Following lunch, we entered a spacious room with high pine-paneled ceilings and windows looking out into the surrounding forest. This is where the Sat Nam Fest magic occurs!

Fortunately, we arrived in time for a splendid class led by Ramdesh Kaur with musical accompaniment by Nirinjan Kaur and Ram Dass. I thought I might be too tired to participate after the four-hour drive…but I was sure wrong! The class was so energizing I felt immediately restored.

Spirit Voyage’s Karan Khalsa introduced Ramdesh, noting, “She and Nirinjan have an amazing connection.” Of course, she was right. You could feel the positive vibration the minute they took the stage.

Ramdesh Kaur, Nirinjan Kaur, and Ram Dass

Ramdesh led us through a challenging Nahbi Kriya, the “go-to Navel Kriya” for Kundalini yoga. It was difficult, indeed, but with Ramdesh’s encouraging voice and excellent directions we kept up. “Get lost in the divine essence of your true identity. Lead with the heart” she encouraged us.

Needless to say, we were all inspired by the beautiful music. Practicing a challenging kriya to live music is truly motivational. “Our life isn’t for our yoga,” Ramdesh said, “Our yoga is for our life!” Wise words from a splendid teacher. Even with all the hard work I was in pure bliss when Nirinjan and Ram Dass struck up “Bhaj Man Mere” and later the Ether Tattva Wahe Guru mantra from Prem Siri, that I love so much and practiced at Summer Solstice.

This phenomenal class was followed by Siri Om and a live DJ set by Krishan. Introduced by her husband, Hargobind, Siri Om “has a certain strength and sweetness to how she practices and teaches.” This energetic class included challenging asansa, and lots of fun and dancing followed by a beautiful Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.

In the early evening Dharm and his band “Angels of Awakening” serenaded us with heavenly devotional music. (For this special performance Snatam Kaur sang back up, and Dharm’s daughter played viola. A double treat!) Dharm invited us all to join in and we rocked and chanted to “Ong Sohung,” “Gobinday Mukunday,” and other beautiful mantras. Dharm has a gentle, loving voice and we all felt embraced by the surrounding vibrational beauty of the sound current. He closed with an English mantra and mudra from Yogi Bhajan to climb the light to the evening star: “I am beautiful, I am light, I am, I am.”

Dharm Khalsa and Angels of Awakening

The night concluded with an astounding performance by Simrit Kaur and her band White Sun. Her voice filled the huge room, with the gong and electric guitar partnering with her voice and harmonium. Simrit is such a shining light it was no surprise that she had everyone dancing and rocking to “Humee Hum,” and just as Dharm predicted, she nearly “took the roof off the place” when she began the spellbinding “Hey Gobind Hey Gopal.“ The first time I heard this track I was enthralled, and I was thrilled to hear it live.

Truly, an experience to remember. Oh, what a night!

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