(Editor’s Note: We appreciate this article from this year’s Sat Nam Fest West Bazaar Captain, Ylara Khalsa, owner of Flower Of Life Essential Blends. Sat Nam Fest is a blissful blend of Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Chant Music, Meditation, Heart Centered Community, and more.The Sat Nam Fest West Bazaar will be overflowing with beautiful and purposeful products that support a happy, healthy, holy yogic lifestyle.  Connect with us if you know your products would be a super sweet fit and you’d like to become a vendor for the fest.  Vendor spaces available; learn more here!Read on for Ylara’s reflections on being a vendor in the Bazaar at Sat Nam Fest West!)

After 4 years of attending events as a vendor, what makes an event worthwhile besides covering your costs and making a living, is the quality of the event.



Ylara Khalsa, Flower of Life Essential Blends

Some of my first experiences at yoga events were very challenging, they shall remain nameless, as the intention here is to talk about what makes THIS event, Sat Nam Fest West, worthwhile as a vendor in the Bazaar.

Last year, I attended Sat Nam Fest West as a vendor in the Bazaar.  When it’s your first time, you can feel kind of nervous about covering your costs and making a living. It can be nerve-racking or an opportunity to trust, and project your abundance.  I chose trust!

The bazaar at Sat Nam Fest was super easy, the people in charge were welcoming, and flexible.

Here you do not pay excessive fees to be near the main stage, so you can ensure sales. Instead, it’s first come, first served. It leaves it up to the vendor to get there on time to pick the booth.

The booths are all near the main and only stage.  The best thing for me was the crowd this event draws. Happy people. People who have yoga and meditation as a way of life.  People who live it every day. And people who love to sing!

There are no drugs or alcohol at all, not even at the night concerts!  Families are relaxed and children love their programs.

There was a point during the event, I felt like I was on vacation!

  • As a vendor that was a first.
  • I love the music,
  • I love the people.
  • And I like the food.
  • Good vibes,
  • plenty of smiles,
  • and good friends.

Does that make it worthwhile?
For me it sure does!

The icing was to have made friends who supported my way of living; yes, I made a good living.

I hope to see you there, and show you around the bazaar as year’s Bazaar Captain for Sat Nam Fest West.

Ylara Khalsa
Vendor – Flower of Life Essential Blends
Bazaar Captain – Sat Nam Fest West


Join the Sat Nam Fest West Bazaar!

We’re looking for heart happy people with purposeful, beautiful, aligned products that will enhance the festival experience and support a happy, healthy, holy yogic lifestyle.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at Sat Nam Fest West this April in Joshua Tree, California, please connect!


KRI booth at Sat Nam Fest



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