I’m chanting this mantra, Sat Naaraa-in, all the time now, as it brings me a lot of peace, and it feels good to chant and send that peace filled energy out to the world in these high pressure times. I invite you to learn more about this Mantra in the video below.




Sat Nam,

I’d like to share with you a very powerful mantra Sat Naaraa-in Waheguru Hari Naaraa-in Sat Naam.

Sat is the energy of truth.  Naaraa-in the energy of purity.  Waheguru, this is the mantra which clears and cleans out so that we can experience our purity. Hari, the seed of the Divine.  Naaraa-in gets planted deep within with that purity of Consciousness so that Sat Nam, the true nature of our soul’s light can become our identity in this life, that we can trust that soul’s light and live that soul’s light knowing that we are in alignment with the light within all souls. 

My dear friend and mentor, Tarn Taran Kaur, was given this meditation using this mantra at a time of great tension during the Cold War era. He gave this meditation to her to end the drums of war, and it’s simply chanting this mantra with a purity of projection, with love in our hearts, with a vision of peace that we can live in peace, that we can hold that prayer of peace within our hearts, and that we can bring that vibration of peace into our lives.

There is so much tension now, in this day and age, with what’s happening between Iran and the United States, with what’s happening with climate change and so many other things that are challenging this essential nature of peace, but we have it within us to maintain this beautiful vibration of peace.  So I ask you to chant this mantra, to gather in community,  to sing together, use the tune in this link below the video or create your own tunes, and to chant it during the day on your way to school, as you’re taking your children to school, all of the ways that we can integrate this vibration into our lives and to make your voice known to your Congress people, to your community of the priority for peace, the priority for love and light and kindness on this Earth.


Listen to my recording of the Sat Naaraa-in Mantra from the album Beloved



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