by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa

After 39 years of singing and experiencing the power of Shabd and Mantra I offer this collection, BLESSINGS OF A WOMAN, to all of you to use as a map guide for your life. For women it is to inspire you to uplift yourself, your family, your surroundings. For men it is to understand how you revolve around the feminine and benefit from this support. I am deeply grateful to the Siri Singh Sahib for teaching me about the strength of the woman and for guiding me to my Guru, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

The woman contains the ability to create life and thus has many gifts and strengths associated with maintaining the values of society and the future; if she knows how to channel the sabotage of her emotional nature and live in grace.

The Sikh Gurus compiled a map guide for the human mind to be uplifted through song, called the Siri Guru Granth Sahib or SHABD GURU. Because, “Kalyug meh kirtan pardanaa”. ‘In the dark age the singing of kirtan (shabds of the Guru) is mastery.’ This basic teaching of Shabd Guru leads the way to enduring happiness and clear awareness through recitation of the Naad of the Shabd. Naad contains all the sounds of the universe in balance and the entire Shabd Guru is written in Naad.

The Kalyug, which we are now in, is the final era in the spiritual evolution of the human being. It is the ‘Age of Darkness’ and is 432,000 years long. This age is divided into two parts: Piscean and Aquarian. We are leaving the Piscean and transitioning, by the year 2012, into the Aquarian age.

It all works because Shabd Guru releases us from limiting thoughts called, ego. Each Shabd gives an inheritance, a spiritual DNA that establishes our ID and lineage with Infinity. Shabd contains words that have a sound pattern and rhythm. The pressure of the tongue on the upper palate stimulates the 84 meridian points through reciting Gurbani, (the language of the Shabd). This process of recitation creates corresponding patterns with the neurons of the brain to stimulate the hypothalamus which makes the Pineal gland radiate. The glandular system is balanced, you experience ecstasy and increased intuition. This is a human technology, not a religion.

Just as when milk is churned, it takes a lot of milk and a lot of effort to make a little butter. When you churn the tongue in the cave of the mouth the effect is manifested by a lot of repetition and some time . When you choose a Shand to work on from Blessings of a Woman is to be recited 11 times a day or sung for 31 minutes for a 40 day period. If you miss a day, your restart day becomes day #1. Same for the mantras on the CD. They are mini Shabds and should also be recited with full sensory and meditative focus for 11 minutes or 31 minutes. The 40 day period is needed to effect the change in the psyche to create a new habit and release the old habit pattern. You can continue for 90 days, 120 days, and even 1,000 days for mastery.

The CD map guide begins with “AMRIT PEEVO…” The Power of the Mother’s Prayer. For those of us who are not mothers, you can focus on the ‘child within yourself’ ‘may you live long and may the meditative remembrance of God give you infinite delight”. To care for others you must first care for yourself. To teach self love you must act lovingly. Recitation of this ancient prayer,protects, heals, blesses and watches over all of this. Just listening to the words invokes a powerful blessing.

The next is the ‘Noble Woman’ which is an English song from a class we took at Women’s Camp. The trap for the woman in relationships with a man is her emotions and her insecurity. He said, ‘Never compete with nor confront a man. It will make your life miserable. Rather, he impressed upon us the power of nobility; “Nobility is such a virtue you can conquer the world with it”. And, “Build your life around nobility, not sexuality”. Sing this song to develop a grateful heart and understanding of your life.

Wahe Guru jio is a simple mantra to feed the essence of your soul and bring bliss to your day. Take the time to crowd out the suffering by moving your lips and tongue to attune to the bliss meridians of higher consciousness.

In the Meditation for a wise heart, Aad Gureh Nameh… we also sing the English translation. Each line says “I bow”. When you bow, your head is below your heart, and soon your heart energy reigns supreme and thoughts are quieted, and our wisdom can speak to us.

The combination of Akal Sahaa-ee mantra and Adi Shakti mantra are for removing fear.You stretch in the mudra of the hands over the head in prayer and the Infinte will stretch back enabling a powerful potential, while fears and phobias diminish.

Next is the meditation to feel SUPPORTED. GOBINDA, The name of God which means, the sustaining power of the Creator.

The 7th track is the Shabd ” Bhand Jamee-ai…” which is recited in every Gurdwara in the world, daily, in epic poem of Shabd Guru called ASA DIVAR. An affirmation of the creative power of the feminine, it causes indignities of life to fall away and empowers your words with grace.

The final track is for you to deeply relax. The ambient soothing, melting, space created with the Raga scale is adorned here and there with heavenly WAHE GURU.

The CD contains a mix of world rhythms and sounds for easy listening, yoga class and deep relaxation. Created for both men and women who want to transform, excel and be radiant. The ancient mantra meditations focus the mind and develop one’s compassionate heart. Thomas Barquee is the musical producer.

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