The Full Moon holds the spotlight for the White Sage (Salvia Apiana) plant. Her silvery leaves become luscious and plump with life energy. She revels in her essence, which is gladly shared with gentle visitors of the night.

On a cool winter night, my brother Radu hiked into the hills of Madre Grande Monastery, where I live, to capture the essence of White Sage. Before he harvested the leaves, he set is intention to use the plant medicine for good. Under the illuminated night sky, he put the leaves into a jar full of water and added his prayers for peace, joy, and universal understanding to brew a Full Moon Tea.

The next day we enjoyed the White Sage Tea with a group of friends. After drinking the tea, each of us ventured off to sit by a White Sage plant that called our name. Later, we gathered together in a circle to share our experiences. Each of us had our own personal message from the plant.


White Sage (Salvia Apiana) Native plant to Southern California and Mexico. Traditionally used in Native American ceremonies.

“The aroma of the tea is subtle yet powerful in a homeopathic sense. I am feeling refreshed, attentive, and calm all at the same time. The plant I sat by taught me about generosity,” says Mille.

“Plants don’t speak English. They speak intent. The plant shows me the importance of keeping a neutral mind in relationships and to be aware of unconscious projection,” Marty tells.

“I told my plant, ‘I know you! You survived a lot!’ and then we sat together in silence like two very good friends,” Sally laughs.”

“I plucked one of my hairs and offered it to the plant before I picked any leaves or flowers – in recognition of our sacred exchange,” Amy says as she combs her hair with her right hand. “I then thanked my plant for the strength she shared with me.”

Radu, the one who brewed the tea explain, “Something from the plant came out and purified me like a filter. In fact, the whole environment seemed cleared because of the plant’s presence.”

“I saw my plant like a tree, as if it had big plans for the future!” James smiles. “While sitting with the plant I felt vulnerable. I saw how the negative mind can hurt plants, so my intention was to stay positive.”

And now it was my turn to share. “I offered tobacco to my plant and asked it for guidance in my relationship with a friend. I sat on the dirt with my eyes closed in a dream-like state. I clearly saw three plants – Matilija Poppy, Mountain Mahogany, and Yellow Rose – and felt that if I kept the images of these plants in my thoughts while I spoke with the White Sage, that misunderstandings could be reduced to a minimum and respect and the ability to sincerely listen could bloom.”

The environment speaks to us when we are still and connected to our spirit. Plants form the very soil we walk on, are in the food we eat, and have the ability to expand our awareness. When we share our life consciously with our habitat, our attention is trained and many stories are born to guide us. I’ve found that kundalini yoga, especially the practice of ego eradicator, has helped with my ability to connect soul to soul with plants. I encourage you to explore your own connections with Nature, and to deepen your own connection with the plant realm. There are so many ways to commune with plants, and your own experience is your plant medicine journey!



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