Growing up, we moved around a lot. Every move meant making new friends and doing my best to feel “at home.” Today I live in Phoenix with my husband, who has never moved—ever!—in his 35 years on Earth. The moving gene is so heavily embedded in me that I honestly cannot conceive a future where I assume I’ll still be in Phoenix. However, in my heart, I know that no matter where I am, I will be home if there is a Sadh Sangat.  The scriptures known as the “Siri Guru Granth Sahib” make constant reference to the importance of Sadh Sangat, or “Company of the Holy.” Because of this understanding, Yogi Bhajan repeatedly underscored the necessity of being part of a spiritual community of like-hearted individuals.

As a Kundalini Yogi, I feel so blessed to have pockets of Sangat across the globe. No matter where my life may take me, I could never be too far away from a Sangat—even if the only contact we had were through Facebook. Ah, technology!

It is with this deep appreciation that I decided to ask our Sadh Sangat why being in a spiritual community was important to them. The answers I got were really varied. I especially appreciated the candid answers I got from the children.

The Phoenix 3HO Sangat is really special in that it comprises many different parts. The ashram community gathers each week for a Wednesday night dinner, Friday night chanting, and other events. Sharing the same space, is the Kundalini Yoga studio (“Yoga Phoenix”) for classes and teacher trainings. Also in the same space is the larger Sikh Community, which includes both American-born Sikhs and (largely) Punjabis. The melting pot of all these different perspectives and cultures makes for a very exciting Sangat indeed!

Looking for ways to find a Kundalini yoga Sangat? Here are some ideas:

1. Come to 3HO’s Solstice Sadhana  or Sat Nam Fest this year: If you really want to experience what it’s like to work closely with a lot of people from all over the world towards a common good, don’t miss it.  Not to mention, at Summer and Winter Solstice, you get three days of White Tantric Yoga to boot!

2.  Start where you are: Know a few people who might like the weird yoga you do? Invite them over for a weekly meditation and some yogi tea, or a conscious video night… If there is good food, I find, usually people will come.

3. Attend a kirtan: Is Mirabai Ceiba coming through your town? Maybe Jai-Jagdeesh or Snatam Kaur or The GuruGanesha Band? Invite a friend and mingle with the people!

4. Too remote? Even if you are far away from a yoga studio or ashram community, you can still participate in sangat by joining one of Spirit Voyage’s 40 Day Global Sadhanas. Join one of the many Kundalini Yoga Facebook communities (try the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana community online.)  Take an online course.  Check out Kundalini Yoga U to join an online community of yogis studying online.

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