Beautiful Yoga: Shavasana Pose

If you are unfamiliar with the shabad Jai Te Gung by Guru Gobind Singh, it can feel like a daunting task to memorize and wrap your mouth around all the words. When beginning to learn, note that chanting the three words “Jai Te Gung” alone can emancipate you from the pull of depression.

Jai Te Gung translates to ‘hail to the sword’. The symbolic power of the sword is in its rotational force, which acts like a sodarshan chakra, a wheel that can slice through negativity.

Jai Te Gung Meditations

Put energy and focus into the sound current by chanting from your navel point. You will begin to feel an immediate change in your aura. Let the sound current lift you to a state of Imperial Grace.

There are three unique faculties to this shabad that will affect you differently depending on the position you are in when you chant it. These three faculties are described as root, trunk, and blossom.

ROOT: Lay down on your back with your arms at your sides, palms face up. Chant the shabad three times. Then, pause and meditate as you lay upon the earth. Raise your knees to your chest and rock yourself upright.

TRUNK: Sit cross-legged with your palms face up in your lap and chant the shabad three times. Then, pause and meditate.

BLOSSOM: Stand with your feet hips width apart, firmly rooted into the earth with your arms relaxed by your sides. Chant the shabad three times. Then, pause and bring your awareness to your aura, feeling energized and ready for action.

Simply notice how the three different positions affect you personally. This shabad is a gift from the Guru, and the more you welcome it into your aura, the more it will serve you. Clearing karma is among the many gifts this shabad presents. It will also bestow confidence, expanding your inner strength and courage.

My husband Ghansham Singh and I created an 11-minute version of Jai Te Gung so that you can experience the three different faculties of root, trunk, and blossom. Our version has three rounds of three repetitions, with space in between for meditation. While learning the shabad, remember that you can always simply chant the three words, Jai Te Gung, to harness the innate potency of the sound current.


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