(Editor’s Note:  Reincarnation and past life regression…  Stephanie Jones underwent the process of past life regression and became a believer.  Yogic scriptures talk heavily about reincarnation.  Even mantras like “Sa Ta Na Ma” speak to the deathlessness of the soul and the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.  What do you think? Share your opinions in the comment box below!)

As I walked down the spiritual path of becoming an energy healer and Kundalini yogi, I began reading books about past lives like Messages from the Masters by Brian Weiss and Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives by a Washington Post editor. I was shocked to discover that by 2001, UVA Medical School had compiled more than 2,000 cases of children reporting past lives with some evidence. You could take a child to a neighboring village, and he would be able to point out his previous family members from his past life.

Just remembering a past life can bring healing. For example, let’s say in 2010, a woman is anxious that her husband will leave her although he’s been nothing but loyal and kind. If she regresses to a past life, she may see that when they were together previously, he went off to war and died and never came back. Processing this spiritual understanding could heal her present-day anxiety.

In May 2009, I had my first past life regression. I think I was looking for Kundalini Yoga in Virginia and I found Darshan, who is both a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a past life regression therapist. I scheduled my 3-hour regression appointment.

We talked for an hour or so. Darshan wanted to know why I was there, or what blocks I wanted to heal. At age 30, I wanted to get married.

I lay down on a massage table and Darshan began the process. It was like a guided meditation where I went down some stairs, then another set of stairs, etc. Darshan spent a little more time with me because apparently I was a little resistant and deep enough but not very deep. I was then in front of a door and told to enter it.

When I went through the door, I COULD FEEL MYSELF SHRINKING. Like something out of Alice in Wonderland. This was the coolest part of the whole regression. Darshan had me look at my hands. They were the hands of a child. That’s why I shrunk.

Now I was completely aware that my name was Stephanie and I was on a massage table having a past life regression. But I was able to describe this other scene. For some people, this is as clear as watching a movie. It wasn’t that clear for me, but I was able to describe some details.

I was a 5-year-old boy standing in a field in America or France and I was wearing a sailor suit.

We went further along in this life. I saw this man who was now in the Navy (I think, if he was American which I now felt he was) and he was sitting down with his head in his hands, devastated and I said, “He was a good person. Something really bad happened to him.” I started to sob for him.

Also I called this man George. Darshan asked me more than once for a last name, but I was unable to give her one. I believe she did this partly because people can actually verify their past life recollections with this kind of specific information.

We returned to an earlier part of this man’s life. I believed that he was stationed in Fiji or somewhere Fiji-like. I don’t know anything about Fiji, but I felt this place was tropical and had beaches. At first, I thought maybe he was in Vietnam, I wondered if he was in the Philippines, where my present-day mom is from, then I sort of went with Fiji in a WWII-like era. I didn’t see any war or battles, I think it was peaceful. (I later did some Google research and discovered that the U.S. Navy did station ships in Fiji during WWII.)

I had a native Fiji girlfriend who I had met in a bar and we were in love and I think planning on being married. But she died while I was away at sea. I don’t know how she died. I felt like it was suddenly or an accident. And I think I blamed the Navy, not because the Navy killed her, but because my service had kept me away from her so I couldn’t protect her. (Interesting how I just transitioned from telling this story in the third-person to the first-person.)

Now whenever I would get upset during the regression, I would feel physical sensations like a frozen body part or I would feel really sick, like I was going to throw up. Darshan explained that these were frozen blocks or negative energies that we were going to remove. And every time I felt something like this, Darshan had me blow up a balloon and then she would knot it and then I would pop it with my hands! And it totally worked! Whatever sensation I was feeling would dispel when I did this.

I died an old man alone in a military hospital. I never got married and I never had children. But I had a good life.

So after we went through this life, Darshan asked me, “What did you learn? How does this relate to your current life?” And I started to SOB. And I said, “I learned that you only get one great love in life. And I never got married and I never had children. And in this life, I already had a great love and I lost him.” I was talking about my college boyfriend, whom I had dated from ages 21 to 25 (who didn’t die in an accident, but broke up with me). So because last time after losing my great love, I never married and never had children, I subconsciously felt doomed to the same fate in this life. But having this regression was supposed to heal or be a step in healing this belief.

I shared this story with a few friends and one said, “But you must know that that’s not true. You can have more than one great love in life.” Of course I know and knew that intellectually but if that was a subconscious belief that I had, it was going to affect my energy and my attraction and manifestation abilities.

I found the whole experience interesting and real for several reasons. One is that I loved the musical Miss Saigon! I also had a strange interest when I read about a woman in The Washington Post whose fiancé had died in the Iraq war in present day. I had even cut the article out. I think finding and reading the article was actually a preparation or cue for the regression. Some people would argue that I fantasized the whole scenario or made stuff up. Now in my healer trainings, when we are asked to test ourselves psychically, I am actually the first one to say “I don’t know.” If I felt nothing, I would have told Darshan, “I feel nothing.” I would not say, “I am a 5-year-old boy in a sailor suit.” Why would I say that? That would be so random. Also I was really sobbing for this man because I felt bad for him, those were real emotions. And the physical sensations were very strong and the balloon-popping really worked.

I am happy to report that since this time, I have known a greater romantic love than before.

Darshan’s web site: http://www.kundalini-yoga.us/regression.html

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