It started with a simple idea …. a random re-minder to smile!

I am a stutterer. Not long ago, it occurred to me that a random reminder would help me be more mindful of my speech and my attitudes about my speech. It was a very short step from there to see that everyone can use a random reminder to do the things they want. That was the genesis of re-mindful.

The rapid pace of modern life can be overwhelming! We are surrounded by technology …. mobile and otherwise. Technology brings amazing new ways to connect and live but can also exact a price. Does our reliance on gadgets make us less happy and more stressed out?

I don’t know but it seems that the surge in popularity of yoga, slow food, slow money and even the comeback of all things handcrafted (Etsy) seems to indicate that our modern life is leaving many of us yearning for more genuine experiences of connection …. to ourselves, other people and the subtleties of life.

On the other hand this modern life is exciting and speaking for myself …. keeps me on the edge of my seat. I think few of us are eager to go live in a mountain cave to find the meaning in our lives. So, how do we find a balance?

I have lucky been enough to get to work on a new app that might help. The re-mindful app delivers a “mindfulness” reminder once a day at a random time. It has 10 re-minders to select from: smile, breathe, stretch, listen, pause, love, trust, give thanks, have fun and feel the force. You set your re-minder and forget about it. Hopefully your re-minder will come at just the right moment in your day …. a moment when you could use a little pause. The app also allows sharing these “mindful moments” via Facebook, Twitter and email.

The app is in development but you can go to now to see a video, read all about it and lend your support if you like. If all goes well, it will be in iTunes and the Android Store in August.

At the end of the day, re-mindful is about feeling good. I know if I take a deep breath I feel GOOD! Stressed and tired, it’s easy to forget that. The hard part seems to be the remembering. I hope that the re-mindful app will become a well used tool for everyday mindfulness.

Breathing Deeply,
Haj Khalsa


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