We couldn’t be prouder of Ramdesh Kaur & Alyson Atma Simms for sharing their hearts in this month’s Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine! Be sure to pick up a copy so you can read the amazing personal stories they are sharing with the world! Wahe Guru!

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Ramdesh Kaur is on a mission to transform our relationships with our bodies. She knows first hand the destruction we can cause ourselves when we refuse to see our bodies as the temples that they are. Having gone through her own process of healing and love, she is now committed to helping others do the same. She has created “The Body Temple: Guided Meditations For Radical Self-Love” as a tool that you can use to transform your relationship with your body, and bring you to a space of unconditional love. Allow yourself this precious gift. We only get this one body in this lifetime – love your body, see it as a temple, and allow your life to blossom!

About The Body Temple: Guided Meditations For Radical Self-Love by Ramdesh Kaur:

Known for her gentle yet powerfully soothing voice, Ramdesh Kaur guides these beautiful meditations to allow you to heal your relationship with your body, align your self-image in Truth, and fall in love with yourself like never before. With Delta Wave music and binaural beats to enhance the power of the meditations, this CD will take you on a journey of healing, allowing you to love and accept yourself fully, and embrace your body as the temple that it truly is. (Be sure to listen with headphones to experience the transformation power of Binaural beats and Delta Waves!)



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