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November 30, 2017

Ramdesh shares her pure love of mantra on this podcast. After taking a day for self-care because she’d been pushing herself too hard, she decided that her listeners might need some self-care too. So settle in and get ready for some wonderful mantras, handpicked by Ramdesh to help you clear stress and relax.

Sometimes the best way to listen to mantra is ambient play. You don’t even have to chant, Ramdesh points out. Just relax into listening and let the mantra work as a tool in your life. Listen deeply: The word suniai means a state of active listening. This occurs when all the cells of the body are listening but your mind is at rest. “All you need to do is quiet your active, thinking-filled, heavy mind and relax it by connecting with your breath, settling into a chair, kicking off your shoes and simply inhaling and exhaling over and over again, letting the sound current help you relax the mind deeper and deeper,” Ramdesh says.

First, you’ll hear “Har Mukanday” by Mirabai Ceiba from Awakened Earth. This beautiful mantra relates to the liberating aspect of the Divine.

After opening to the mantra and entering this state of deep listening you’ll next hear a selection from Snataum Kaur‘s album Shanti called “Suni-ai – Listening Celebration.” The piece is taken from a stanza or pauri from Japji, the Sikh sacred prayer. This pauri relates to complete immersion in the Divine and complete listening, or suniai.

To relax and take care of yourself listen next to “In Your Grace (Maa)” by Ajeet Kaur from Darshan. In this selection, this simple bij or seed mantra is combined with some English words. The mantra connects you to the Divine Mother, and to the gentle light source of the moon. Relax and elevate your soul.

Nirinjan Kaur’s classic “Aad Guray” from Prem Siri is up next. This mantra will infuse you with Divine protection, light, love, and strength. Listen and feel free.

The next piece, “Nirankar” by Sirgun Kaur from The Cosmic Gift, also relates to the feeling of freedom. Nirankar refers to the formless aspect of the Creator, the Divine you can’t always see but you know is there, Ramdesh explains. She loves the energy of devotion in this piece. “This is sure to help you with your day, bringing more of the self-care and relaxation into your body in the presence of the formless Divine,” says Ramdesh.

This peaceful show ends with the shabd, or holy song, “Sarovar.” The shabd is a living vibration or sound current that comes alive when it is sung or heard, and it brings a deep sense of peace, Ramdesh explains. Sarovar refers to a glorious, healing pool of water that surrounds the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, which is recognized as a holy place by the Sikh tradition. It refers to a deep well of peace and healing and nurturing. These beautiful shabds have been sung over the water for hundreds of years around the clock nonstop and this holy lake has been infused with the energy of the sound current.

Listen to Jai-Jagdeesh’s “Sarovar” from Of Heaven and Earth. “It’s like a spa day for your soul!” Ramdesh observes. As you listen, close your eyes and envision that you are in this holy place, embraced by the love of the Divine. Relax.

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