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Airdate: November 2, 2017

Gobinda Hari is the mantra featured on this inspiring podcast with Ramdesh, who was reminded of its power as she recently gazed out her window at the “symphony of color” in the New England autumn. The season, she explains, makes her feel very self-reflective; at this time of year she considers what is going on in her heart, her world, and her psyche. The colorful, falling leaves become a strong metaphor for life. Humans go through huge transformations and much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon we transform and evolve with the seasons of life.

The colorful, falling leaves remind Ramdesh not to be attached to any stage of the journey. Each year as the leaves descend, offering a beautiful tapestry of color, she’s mesmerized by the process of nature. She is enthralled as the leaves transform from sprout to full bloom, then to dancing through the air on their return to Mother Earth where they decay, nourishing the earth as it prepares for the rebirth that will take place in the spring.

Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari even sounds like falling leaves, Ramdesh notes. The mantra Gobinda refers to the aspect of the divine that sustains us; Hari is the aspect of God that is creative and healing. “I fall in love with this mantra at this time of year,” she says, as it helps her connect with the rhythm of her life. She thinks about the sustainer: it’s been a year of great personal challenge for Ramdesh and for many others. Hari Hari is the creative force inside that grows and heals with the promise that new life is coming, she explains.

Gobinda Hari brings peace and joy to Ramdesh’s life, as it can to yours. As you chant the mantra become connected to your higher self and to the sustaining energy of the divine. Anyone can chant this simple mantra; it’s quite easy to learn! Listen first to a version of “Gobind” by Sirgun Kaur from The Cosmic Gift. In the Sikh tradition Gobinda is connected to Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh guru, and represents a powerful energy that helps us through challenging times. As you listen, open your heart to the hope of the sustaining force.

As the show progresses, Ramdesh shares a series of gorgeous pieces devoted to the healing, sustaining power of this mantra. “Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari” by Snatam Kaur from Prem is an otherworldly, angelic version. The piece is followed by Mirabai Ceiba’s “sweeping, gentle and lovely” track “Gobinda Hari” from Sevati. Ajeet Kaur’s heartfelt and peaceful version from Darshan follows.

As you chant or listen to this gentle mantra you can sit in easy pose, crossing your wrists over your chest with hands right over left, palms pressing near your shoulders. Close your eyes and feel the grace of this mantra. You can also use it, as does Ramdesh, while out walking through the autumn leaves in the woods! She uses one step for each word of the mantra. What a peaceful way to employ a walking meditation to connect with all that sustains, supports, and heals in creation.

The podcast plays out to an inspirational “Hey Gobind, Hey Gopal” by Simrit from her classic album The Sweetest Nectar. Sometimes life is difficult, but leaning upon this sustaining force and being aware of its presence, says Ramdesh, can bring abiding comfort. This chant is said to be a favorite among the angels; as you listen to these beautiful selections you’ll know why!

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