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Airdate: August 17, 2017

SevatiRecently, Ramdesh taught a series of classes at Sat Nam Fest. To support the healing she wanted to create in her classes, she found herself being drawn time and time again to the album Sevati by Mirabai Ceiba. Today, she shares some beautiful tracks from this album.

Markus and Angelika of Mirabai Ceiba created this album when they were experiencing a series of losses. During the course of a year of heartbreaks, the music helped them to experience peace even in the face of challenges. Ramdesh shares the CD on this podcast, offering support as we face challenging times. “A lot has been happening lately in our country and in the world that is very troubling and difficult to deal with and there are a lot of hard questions that need to be addressed,” she says.

“Sevati” means “silence” and also “white rose” in Sanskrit. The first track on the album is “Har Ji,” a mantra that is simple to learn. Har is the creative aspect of God, and Ji is soul. When you put those two together, Ramdesh explains, the force of creation and your own soul enter an embrace of co-creation. The mantra is powerful, but also soothing and nurturing. It helps us to remember that we are not the doer; the flow is in us, but there is a power and intelligence greater than us. “It’s helpful to have a mantra like this at my side,” Ramdesh says, “to remind me that I am held in the creative force of the divine.”

Next up is “Gobinda Hari,” another valuable mantra for troubling times. Gobinda is the aspect of the divine that is the sustainer, and Hari is the flow of energy. You are saying “I need help, support me, sustain me and turn me into the flow of divine, of good, of healing.” This is critical in our challenging times, when we are called on more and more to “hold a space of love, healing, and transformative change,” Ramdesh notes.

Rakhe Rakhan Har” follows. Mantras are not going to fix everything, Ramdesh points out. We go through hardships, we all as living beings “experience great suffering.” Mantras are helpers that go through these times with us. “We have big issues, and mantras won’t take the problems away, but they can help support us as we are going through,” Ramdesh adds. The vibrational energy of Rakhe Rakhan Har helps when your energy is low and it’s hard to attract prosperity; it comes through like a victory song, conquers obstacles, and helps you carry on.

Ramdesh loves great stories like The Lord of the Rings, and this mantra reminds her of the scene where Frodo takes the evil ring to be destroyed—but he can’t quite complete the mission. His friend Samwise Gamgee helps him, carries him through. Sometimes we just need a hand up; the energy of mantra can serve us in that way, helping to give us just enough energy to finish the job. Listen to this loving version by Mirabai Ceiba.

The next mantra for these troubled times is “Chattr Chakkr,” a heart-centered mantra for fear and anxiety. Release negative vibrations and open to love, strength, and beauty as you listen (check out Ramdesh’s podcast devoted entirely to this mantra for more info).

The last piece is “Waheguru Wahejio,” a mantra that will uplift your spirits. Lean upon these powerful vibrations as you encounter the challenges that arise in life. “May your spirit be blessed and your voyage be peaceful,” concludes Ramdesh.


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