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Original airdate:  May 26, 2011

Here’s your chance to tune into a discussion with Sat Kartar Kaur, prolific sacred chant artist extraordinaire. She joins Ramdesh on this podcast to share music from her wonderful CDs and looks back on her Kundalini yoga journey.

How did Sat Kartar find Kundalini yoga? She was already interested in being a singer/songwriter when she ran into a high school buddy who invited her to come to a “really cool yoga class.” Of course, what could be cooler than Kundalini yoga?  After a few classes, Sat Kartar got the “distinct feeling” that there was something about the practice that would help her on her musical path. It’s been 40 years since that transformative yoga class, and “it has truly blessed my life more than I can express.”

The first track you’ll hear on this podcast is “Sat Gur Prasad” from Listen. Says Sat Kartar, “I like to call it the turn-around mantra…it has the ability with even just a few recitations to really alter thought patterns. If you’re wound into something that’s not serving you it’s the perfect mantra to chant to literally stop the flow of it.”  It’s a very powerful mantra, so be mindful of what you think and say after listening—stay positive!

What’s been her greatest challenge? “To stop living my life to please other people.” To get on track with your own soul, Sat Kartar suggests chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo to tune into your deeper self and reach to your inner teacher. Mul Mantra is also good for self-affirmation, and chanting Sat Nam is an excellent option: “If you point your rutter in that direction you can’t go wrong.”

Listen next to “Ong Namo/Sat Kartar” from the album Flow. She preludes the heart-opening mantra with the English words: “Flow from your heart. Say what is in your heart to say. Flow from your heart; live what is in your heart to do.” Beautiful!

Ramdesh and Sat Kartar also discuss the evolution of her album Call for the Beloved, a collection of mantras and shabds that all focus on different aspects of bringing love into your life.  The title of the CD is based on the very special true love story in the history of Sikh Dharma.  She recounts the story of the love poem written by Guru Arjun to his father, Guru Ram Das.

You’ll hear “Hari Har” from Call for the Beloved, the original prosperity mantra, which refers to prosperity of the heart, a spiritual type of prosperity, followed by “Har Har Wahe Guru” which clears mother/father phobias and creates balance. Experience the “heavy-duty cleansing” this mantra inspires!

From A Daily Practice, you’ll hear “Morning Call.” “This incredible meditation can totally shift your life,” Sat Kartar says. Known as the Laya Mantra, the Long Ek Ong Kar is “kind of in a class by itself.” Sat Kartar tells the story of how she conceived of the idea to combine the mantra with Tchaikovsky’s Arabian Dance movement from “The Nutcracker” (during her meditation one day, her son was watching the film Fantasia!). Sat Kartar teamed up with producer Thomas Barquee to uniquely pair the mantra with classical music. A fantastic match!

With Ramdesh, Sat Kartar also recalls the joys of Sat Nam Fest (then called Spirit Fest), and the amazing musical and spiritual connections that came to fruition there.

Despite the otherworldly beauty of her sacred chant music, Sat Kartar is refreshingly down to earth. You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a beloved friend when you join this conversation and no doubt you’ll recognize many of Sat Kartar’s classic mantra tracks when you tune into this inspiring podcast. Enjoy!

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