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Airdate: September 14, 2017

22317-300X300Ramdesh welcomes Sangeeta Kaur, a Vietnamese-American, a trained opera singer, mantra singer, and Kundalini yogi, to the show for the first time to share her album, Niguma. The first volume of her two-album mantra opera project, the CD offers selections in English, Sanskrit, Gurmukhi, Vietnamese and Italian.

The first beautiful piece you’ll hear is “Ardas Bhaee/A Prayer to Answer All Prayers.” You don’t have to pray for something specific, Ramdesh notes, you simply offer the mantra with awareness that the sound current will transform and create favorable situations. Why set limits? Pray for the highest and best, Ramdesh advises. The last phrase of the mantra, Sachee Sahee, means “and so it is.” This powerful recording will blow you away!

Sangeeta loves opera, so she decided to create a mantra opera. She had learned of a yogini named Lady Niguma who lived over l000 years ago and empowered women and taught them how to become enlightened. When she heard of this amazing woman Sangeeta wanted to put the story on stage; she wrote the music and the opera debuted in Santa Monica. Learn all about it and watch video clips at

Sangeeta says she felt elevated by the experience of creating this huge production. “It’s like I was guided by the guru, by the Divine…I felt like we were in a hypnotic state, and just did it,” she explains. Ramdesh observes, “There’s just nothing else like this in the mantra community, it’s really special.”

The world of theatre and opera is natural to Sangeeta, so to choreograph and stage this opera was very organic; the right people with pure intentions all came together to share the message, she says. Listen to Guru Guru Wahe Guru, an improvised track from Niguma Volume One.

How did Sangeeta come to Kundalini yoga? She was studying opera for many years and then moved from Italy to New York City. Within three weeks of arriving she met all of her teachers: “The karma ripened so fast and it was such a mystical experience while I was in New York.“ She began to study Tibetan Buddhism and discovered Kundalini yoga, taking classes with Amandir Singh at Golden Bridge. As soon as she started the Kundalini Yoga classes, Sangeeta recalls, “I felt at home, like finally someone was saying something that my heart could resonate with.”

Within a few months she received her spiritual name, her life shifted, and she transformed quickly. It was a fascinating period, and she wanted to share her knowledge with her Catholic parents; in time they accepted her path and her journey. Sangeeta, who was born in America, says she is l00 percent Vietnamese and felt called to share Kundalini yoga with her community in Orange County, California. She began teaching and found that many wanted to learn meditation; now she knows many Vietnamese people who love the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

The next track is an incredible aria, Lascia Ch’io Pianga, an Italian piece about asking for sufferings to be released. Sangeeta chose this aria because it is a moment of transformation in the opera; it’s about letting go of the past and moving on.

Then listen to the Sanskrit Gayatri Mantra, the first track on the album and the very first mantra Sangeeta ever heard. “It’s the opening to everything, a salutation to the sun and to wisdom itself,” she says. “I love it, I’m so connected to it. Everyone just let their heart soar in this track.”

Sangeeta will soon be releasing Ascension: Niguma Volume Two. It’s quite different from Niguma Volume One, but together they create a very balanced experience, she notes.

This inspiring podcast plays out to “What a Wonderful World,” a great reminder of the abundance we share in every blessed moment.

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