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Airdate: June 13, 2013

Click here to listen to this episode of Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh!

Listen to this lovely podcast, focusing on Ra Ma, a new release by Barcelona-based Kundalini yoga teacher and musician Sajah Singh. Ramdesh shares his CD on this podcast as Sajah is not yet fluent in the English language, but he’s certainly fluent the beautiful language of music and the Naad.

The title of the CD connects to Ra, the masculine energy of the sun, the active light. Ma represents the moon, the feminine energy, the reflective light of the divine feminine, the mother. The sound current ra and ma are found in languages all over the world. Ra Ma is a mantra of balance; in Hindu Ram is the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine; Ram is the divine made manifest and incarnate on earth, in balance and in union. This CD is “almost like a dreamscape of meditation,” says Ramdesh. “It’s very gentle, floaty, and easy to listen to and let yourself be soothed by the sound current.” Sajah was inspired by the divine feminine in putting this album together, and he has incorporated the energy of Ma throughout.

In the chants on this album—“Ma,” “Ra Ma,” and “Sa Ta Na Ma,” and in a heart-opening version of Ave Maria– you’ll feel the strength and grace of the divine feminine reflective light. You’ll hear “Ma” first—a beseeching of the divine feminine. “And in that reaching out to the divine feminine,” observes Ramdesh, “there is always an answer.”

Listen to “Ma” and sink “into the landscape of meditation that Sajah has created.” Then you’ll hear “Sound of Heaven,” a celestial instrumental journey into bliss.

Sajah has been practicing Kundalini yoga for more than 15 years and is very deeply devoted to the sound current. He really goes deeply into the mantras, Ramdesh observes. The title track “Ra Ma” refers to a balancing of the polarities, a balancing of the masculine and feminine but also a union and merger. As you chant this mantra you balance the polarities, relax the duality around you, and merge with the divine flow of energy in the universe.

“Sa Ta Na Ma” is next, the seed mantra for Sat Nam. It contains all the parts of the vibration of truth. Each component sound represents a part of life: birth, life, death, and rebirth. Ma is the energy of rebirth—the constant, eternal divine feminine that is always creating and ever loving.

The final track you’ll hear is “Ave Maria,” a lovely Catholic mantra, a Latin mantra that honors Mary and the divine feminine energy of light and love.

Enjoy this heart-opening album by Sajah Singh and feel yourself float away on the “wings of a cloud, embraced by the divine mother.”







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