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Airdate: August 1, 2013

Sacred chant couple Angelika Baumbach and Markus Sieber of Mirabai Ceiba join Ramdesh to talk about their beautiful new CD, Sacred Love Meditations, on this heart-centered podcast. Dive right into love with a mesmerizing “Ang Sang Wahe Guru,” a mantra that means the infinite ecstasy of the divine resides in every cell of your body.

The album has six tracks dedicated to meditating together as a couple, Markus explains, but you can also use it solo; the music is combined with mantras given by Yogi Bhajan to bring consciousness and healing into our relationships. The new CD pairs beautifully with Mirabai Ceiba’s previous album Between the Shores of Our Souls, which was also dedicated to love songs, and love as a spiritual path.

The next track is the mantra “Humee Hum,” which the couple recorded as the featured 3ho summer and winter solstice meditation this year (it was also a recent Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana). The meditation focuses on the first Aquarian Sutra given by Yogi Bhajan, “Recognize that the other person is you.” Listen as you realize that the other person is you, and that the divine within each of us makes us all one.

Mera Man Loche” is a beautiful shabad that is recited in the Sikh tradition. It is a prayer that heals the wounds of love originally written as letters by Guru Arjan to his father Guru Ram Das. Mirabai Ceiba presents a hauntingly beautiful version of this sacred prayer. You can practice the mantra with your partner, in a group, or alone.

Does meditating and immersing in the sound current together as a couple magnify or change the effect? When you chant together as a couple, observes Markus, the mind chatter disappears and “what is left is this essence of yourself which connects to the essence of the other, which is the same essence.” A fantastic argument for chanting with a partner, Ramdesh observes.

Angelika and Markus travel all over the world, bringing their music to many places, including upcoming Sat Nam Fest East in September and to the caverns of Mexico and Utah. How do they maintain the freshness in their music and in their relationship and family life as they tour? Markus notes that there are always challenges in life, even if one gets up at the same time every morning and goes to work for eight hours every day. Their travel is supported by the wonderful people who welcome and care for the couple and their children at every location. Angelika points out that they chose to live this life style and it’s what they love to do. They openly communicate and make time for emptiness and connecting back to nature, for their individual space and for each other: “It’s all about finding balance and having good communication with each other about everyone’s needs and desires.”

“Hum Dhum Har Har” is next, a bit of a tongue twister, but an amazing chant that opens the heart space and connects the heart to your creative pranic energy and to the divine creative energy of the infinite heart of the universe.

The podcast closes with “Blissful Night,” an uplifting selection that the couple sings to their children each evening. This sweet, loving song that is part of a much longer poem has become part of their nightly family ritual. “It helps you stay in this awareness with your essence and with the divine spark within you,” Markus explains.

Close your eyes or gaze deeply into your partner’s eyes and listen to the enchanting music of Mirabai Ceiba’s Sacred Love Meditations; you’ll be carried away to a place of love and peacefulness within your own heart, a place that opens even more fully when shared. Have a beautiful day and a blissful night!

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