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This podcast focuses on the uplifting mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, a mantra that addresses challenges, and will help you overcome adversity. Struggles help us become stronger, Ramdesh points out, but when they become overwhelming Sa Re Sa Sa can come to your aid.

Mantra provides a refuge or sacred space, Ramdesh observes, “It’s like you’re having time out with your soul.” When you’re chanting, she continues, the energy of each mantra can work its particular vibratory magic on you and on your energetic field and help you shift your point of attraction. Things change, and obstacles lift; you pause and shift the energies.

Sa Re Sa Sa is also called the Antar Naad mantra. It’s known to be a foundation point; it’s a beginning mantra from which all points of the sound current emanate. This foundational mantra was practiced for thousands of years in the Himalayas, and is the mantra from which many other mantras grew.

The full mantra is:

Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa Sa Rung,

Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rung.

Sa refers to the Infinite, Totality, God. Sa holds within it the element of ether. (The five elements, or tattvas, are earth, air, fire, water, and ether.) Ether is the least physical element, the element of spirit, beyond the material plain. Har is the creativity of the earth. It is the dense element, the earth element, God here on earth, manifesting, tangible, and personal, God in form, Ramesh explains. This mantra balances and calls upon God the immaterial, and God the tangible. The mantra puts your self-identity and your mental projection back into balance, she adds. As these energies come into balance, the challenges surrounding you dissipate.

A key word is the last one, Rung, which is an activity point in the mantra. Rung is how you project all the sounds of the mantra out into the all that is, Ramdesh says. It’s a word that means “and so it is.” As the other sounds weave together, Rung spins it out, and makes it so.

Yogi Bhajan called Sa Re Sa Sa the base mantra of all mantras. He said, “Adversity melts before this mantra. It gives you the capacity of effective communication so your words contain mastery and impact. This mantra helps you conquer the wisdom of the past, present, and future. It brings you peace and prosperity even if it wasn’t in your destiny.”2476-180x180

“Essentially,” says Ramdesh, “it connects you with timelessness and takes you out of being able to be touched by your current problem and puts you into a timeless realm….” You can change your destiny, learn your lessons, and accelerate your spiritual evolution as a conscious being on earth. In a nutshell, “This mantra takes away negativity from within oneself, awakening the Infinite Creative energy to burn away obstacles to achieving higher consciousness.” What more can you ask of a mantra?

So jump right in (it can be a bit of a tongue twister but you’ll pick it up quickly!). You’ll hear Nirinjan Kaur’s beautiful version first from Prem Siri2020-180x180

The translation is: That Infinite Totality is here, everywhere. That creativity of God is here, everywhere. “Who can’t agree to this?” Ramdesh asks. It’s a unifying and universal principal of the Divine. The mantra can be practiced at any time, but it’s especially beloved as a Full Moon mantra; Full Moon is a great time to chant a creativity mantra and balance the energies of heaven and earth. (You can find a wonderful video of Nirinjan Kaur teaching The Antar Naad Meditation for the Full Moon on YouTube.)

Next you’ll hear Sat Kartar’s flowing track from Listen. You’ll also hear a vibrant version by Mirabai Ceiba from Ocean. Listen to these versions and others and find the one that really resonates with you. 2111-180x180

“Infinity is right here, right now flowing to me, through me, as me and to everyone; Creativity is flowing right here, right now to me, through me, as me and to everyone. This Infinite Totality of the Divine and the Divine expression of God is right here, right now…” concludes Ramdesh. The power of mantra is awesome! Practice Sa Re Sa Sa, flow with the sound current, and enjoy your extraordinary mantra journey.



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