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Airdate: May 15, 2014

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Nirinjan Kaur is an inspiring sacred chant artist and Kundalini yoga teacher from Canada who has just released a new meditation CD called Meditation for Transformation: Restoring Your Personal Power. She joins Ramdesh to talk about how you can use these meditations and mantras to restore personal power in your life. With Nirinjan on the album are the immensely talented musicians Mathew Shchoening and Ram Dass.

Mantra is a tool or technology for really deep healing through the power of the sound current and the power of your own voice, Nirinjan explains. Underneath our conscious thoughts we all have stories, she points out, a thought matrix that makes up our subconscious. Negative stories (“I’m fat, dumb, not good enough,” etc.) can get caught in the mind. Mantras cut through all those stories, clearing them out and replacing that matrix with positivity and the energy of the Divine. Mantra helps us live our lives as we truly are, not through our stories, Nirinjan says.

The first track you’ll hear is “Har Har Waheguru Meditation.” Har is one of the many names for the Divine; the word refers to the Divine in action propelling forward, Nirinjan observes. Wahe guru is a statement of ecstasy of God consciousness, and guru means bringing from darkness to light. This mantra is known to balance the earth and the ethers and  to restore equilibrium; it’s all about balance between the physical and spiritual, getting rid of phobias and bringing us into a state of harmony. Says Ramdesh, Nirinjan’s version is “ridiculously beautiful.” Listen and chant along; you’ll see what she means!

The second mantra for meditation track is “Chattr Chakkr Meditation.” This is a warrior mantra written by the master yogi Guru Gobind Singh. The mantra is from the last four lines of a much longer prayer called Jaap Sahib. It has a very strong rhythm and cadence, and it brings a profound courage to your psyche. The mantra bypasses fears and doubts and brings a deep courage and strength forth from within. Nirinjan likes to chant this meditation while practicing Bowing Jaap Sahib. You can also just sit and chant.

The mantra means, “You are pervading in all four directions, the enjoyer in all four directions. You are self-illumined, profoundly beautiful and united with all. Destroyer of the torments of life, embodiment of mercy you are ever with us. You are the everlasting giver of indestructible power.” This was written with the intention of directly addressing God, Ramdesh explains (the concept of four directions is found in other traditions as well). The mantra is a little tricky—but keep up and you will be kept up (look it up on the Spirit Voyage Mantrapedia so you can chant along with the podcast). Tap into your power, your victory, and your inner strength.

Ramdesh also points out that all of the mantras on the CD are accompanied by suggested meditation practices. Har Har Waheguru comes with the meditation Tershula Kriya, Chattr Chakkr comes with a meditation called the Chakkra Chaluni Kriya. Third up is the “I Am Meditation” to help you expand your sense of self-awareness and personal authenticity, uniting your finite personality and your infinite self.

The fourth track is “Adi Shakti Meditation.” The word Shakti means power, or force– a propelling forward of energy. The mantra is in praise of the divine feminine (it’s also the mantra of the current Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana, led by Nirinjan). Adi Shakti is a very strong mantra that “brings you, your mind, and your body into a state of readiness to shift, heal, and do what you need to do in a very powerful and strong way,” Nirinjan says.

It’s about bowing to the primal power, to that which God creates, and to the creative power of the divine mother. “It’s both humble and extremely proud at the same time,” Ramdesh observes. In the process of chanting you will feel the Shakti power. It empowers you “from the inside out.”

Find out more about Nirinjan Kaur and her remarkable music at NirinjanKaur.com. Then, tune into this podcast and restore your personal power!









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