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Airdate: September 11, 2014

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Who isn’t extremely busy these days? And who couldn’t benefit from some nourishing stress relief? Join Ramdesh as she shares her new album, Stress-Relief Meditations: Guided Meditations for Busy People and give yourself the gift of replenishing your mind, body, and spirit. Also on the album is the amazing singing crystal bowl artist Ashana; join these two lovely yoginis on a journey to a place of peace, calm, and serenity.

“This was such an exciting project for me because it was so personal,” Ramdesh says. She and her dear friend Ashana came together with Ashana providing the music, and Ramdesh the providing the meditations. As the director of marketing for a record label, a radio show host, a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher, and freelance consultant, Ramdesh wears many hats and knows what it’s like to be over-scheduled. The world seems to be speeding up and it’s the perfect time to meditate and take some time for ourselves. “I wanted to create meditations for busy people because I know busy people and I am one!” she says. But our minds fight against the very thing that we need the most, and we’re apt to respond, “I just don’t have time!”

Given what she knows about being busy, Ramdesh decided to create an album of  meditations that do not exceed ten minutes (so no excuses!).  “All of us may be crazy busy but we can find ten minutes, whether it’s waking up ten minutes earlier, or the last ten minutes before sleep, or sneaking into a bathroom at your office,” Ramdesh notes. Private “me” time is a priceless commodity these days, but this CD will help you make it happen!

All of the meditations were channeled, which means that Ramdesh listened to the music and it informed her of what the subject would be, guiding her on the meditation path. One track was actually channeled in the studio! Fortunately, this impromptu meditation was being recorded, unbeknownst to her.

The “Guided Meditation for Deep Peace and Relaxation” is the first track you’ll hear. It represents Ramdesh’s vision of utopia as she transports you to a private world where it’s just you and the divine. Settle in (but if you’re operating heavy machinery save this podcast for later). Ramdesh’s gentle voice will lead you to a beautiful garden, surrounded by enormous flowers of every size and color, near a gentle stream. Your favorite birds and animals will be here, and the air will smell sweet.  You’ll hear trickling water and bird song as you enter this secret sanctuary, your own private garden of peace. Enjoy this time away from intrusions, demands and responsibilities. Just let go and let paradise enfold you in its arms.

The second track is “Guided Meditation for Relieving Depression.” The background music is from Ashana’s album, The Infinite Heart. The meditation is a specific Kundalini yoga pranayama that Yogi Bhajan taught. It can be done in just three minutes to blow out tension, stress, and negative energies. Ramdesh explains precisely how to do it—it’s very simple, and can really make a difference in your day. Blow all your stress and worries away like the petals of a dandelion!

You’ll then hear the “Guided Meditation for Releasing Anxiety and Overwhelm.” This is a mindfulness meditation practice that will help you stay present to your uncomfortable feelings and then let them go. You’ll deal with those feelings in a mindful, present and direct way. Ashana’s “Sanctus” from Jewels of Silence is the musical guide for the meditation. Breathe deeply as your awareness shifts within and you send yourself peace, kindness and gentleness and accept all that you are with loving-kindness.

Last—but certainly not least—you’ll hear an extremely powerful “Guided Meditation for Opening Your Heart.” It is based on teachings Ramdesh learned from her mother, who is a Religious Science New Thought Minister. She often used a variation of this type of prayer to open the heart, and she was Ramdesh’s very first guru! Ramdesh used music from Ashana’s River of Light for this beautiful track. Ramdesh helps you open your heart to the universe, accepting all the love, blessings, peace, healing, courage, and the many other gifts offered to us every day, and in every moment.

If you are busy (and who isn’t?) do yourself a favor and take some time to listen to this podcast and check out Ramdesh’s new CD, Stress-Relief Meditations. Let your stress go and bask in the peaceful bliss of these extraordinary meditations!


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