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Airdate: May 5, 2016

Tune in to this podcast and experience how mantras can help you release stress. Though mantras aren’t specifically for stress relief they can have elements within them that are conducive to releasing our worries and fears, Ramdesh explains. The Suniai mantra is a perfect example. Part of Japji, the sacred prayer of the Sikhs written by Guru Nanak, Suniai is a section about listening, becoming silent, shutting off the chatter of the mind and entering a state of peaceful bliss.

You’ll hear a beautiful live version by Snatam Kaur recorded at a recent Sat Nam Fest. It’s so gorgeous! You can really feel Snatam delving into her own spiritual practice during the performance, as she goes into the mantra, and allows herself to absorb the energy of Suniai. If you are over-committed, over-worked and stressed out this mantra will help you to slow down, listen, and release.

Observes Ramdesh, “All our fears depart when we listen to our heart.” Stress is often about fear– fear of the future, fear of everything we have to do and accomplish. When we give up the fear of what will happen and live in the present moment, the only thing that exists is breath.

Awakened-EarthThere is a powerful mantra that helps us let things go. The mantra is “Har Har Mukanday”; you’ll hear a version from Awakened Earth by Mirabai Ceiba. Mukanday is the liberator aspect of the Divine that helps us release. Har is the creative seed force of the universe. The mantra calls on the energy that will help us release stress, let go of fear, and become present in peace and harmony.

Ramdesh loves using mantras to relax, rejuvenate and restore. Join her in taking a mantra break! If you don’t have time to meditate, and you don’t have a free moment, try taking seven minutes while you’re cooking, walking, or driving and listen to a mantra track to reset your energy.

Bhaj Man Mere” is next by Nirinjan Kaur from Prem Siri. The mantra means “Oh my mind, meditate on God’s prem siriname, meditate on truth, meditate on the vibration of resonance of that truth.” It’s a mantra that speaks directly to the mind, asking it to release, and focus only on the Divine. “It’s so helpful when we are in a state of stress, when we’re focused on a million different things, and being asked to do so much,” Ramdesh says. “Just take a couple seconds to say, ‘Hey Mind, just for one second, focus on what’s true.’”

Many Sikhs around the world chant another calming mantra, Antarjaamee, at night before sleeping. Says Ramdesh, this mantra is essentially like calling God the knower of your heart. It’s relating to the Divine in a way that acknowledges, “You know the deepest part of me, you know my wishes before I even have them, that loving divine force that knows everything that we desire.” Antarjaamee, she adds, is the “all-knowing, loving, and benevolent figure that holds atthetempledooryou in a protective and resonant field of love.” Listen to Ajeet Kaur’s gentle version of “Antarjaamee” from At the Temple Door.

Relax your body and mind as you enter the calming vibratory field of mantra. Breathe, feel the bliss, let your stress go, and join Ramdesh for a mantra break!

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