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Airdate: Sept 21, 2017

Ramdesh is back from Kripalu retreat center in Massachusetts, where she shared a three-day immersion of her Body Temple work, using meditation, mantra, yoga and movement to relate to the body as a sacred, divine temple, and release some negative patterning. She’s excited to share this information with you. Whether you would like to learn to love yourself more, or whether you’re struggling with an eating disorder tune into this transformational podcast!

Tbody templehe common denominator, Ramdesh has learned, is that many people feel alone. But we’re in this together! We have this sense that no one else has faced the troubles we’ve known. But the truth is, so many people have dealt with lack of self-esteem, and many have shared the same pain. There is such power in recognizing that, Ramdesh points out. If we can share our pain we can also share in our joy and raise our vibration, just like in group sadhana when we come together to meditate.

If we can share our stories from a place of caring and rising, she says, there is so much power for us, so much transformation. We can transform from a place of lack of love and lack of self-love to a place of all-inclusive loving. “We need more people shining their light as brightly as they can, who are open, loving, and inclusive,” she notes. We all share a human experience, and we can all connect and support one another.

Ramdesh shares an Instagram message she received from a woman who is 270 pounds and brand new to Kundalini yoga. She has suffered with weight issues for many years. In a single month, she began listening to Ramdesh’s podcast and last weekend she had a sad encounter with a restorative yoga teacher who made comments about her weight. She wrote to thank Ramdesh for her podcast and how it has changed her life; she wrote to say that she now understands that her body is a divine creation, a temple. It’s time to let go of secrecy and shame. Whatever your secret shame is, Ramdesh suggests, share it and help someone else.

If you are struggling with addiction, learning disorders, or anything at all, know that we have all been given weaknesses and strengths and “We’re so much more alike than we are different.” We need to shift the planet by gathering together as a group and shining our light. In these challenging times, this is such an important message.

Ramdesh says that we are as beautiful as the sun, the moon, a lake, a tree… even as beautiful as a peacock! Wake up to your unique beauty and understand that even if we are in the grips of a serious addiction we are still beautiful. We are going to accept each other and inspire each other: “Nothing can keep us small, and controlled and timid.” We are going to recognize our light and shine.

Ramdesh shares some beautiful music that supports these concepts. The first track is a gentle expression of the idea of our true nature as being the light of the soul. Listen to “Light of My Soul” by Ajeet Kaur from Darshan. You deserve to feel valued, loved, and treasured.

One of the mantras that can be very powerful is “I Am.” Listen to Nirinjan Kaur’s version from Meditations for Transformation: Restoring Your Personal Power. “I Am” statements are incredibly powerful. You can just say, “I Am.” You don’t even need to say anything else: “Your presence alone is the power!”

Next up is one of Ramdesh’s favorite recordings, Snatam Kaur’s “Guru Ram Das” from Shanti, the first mantra album our podcast host ever bought, years ago. It still holds a special magic. This powerful mantra helps us to heal and to find the “rainbow” inside each and every one of us.

An eating disorder is a way of reacting to trauma, Ramdesh explains. But there is a more loving and healing way to deal with stress and trauma, whether immediate or past. This mantra helps manage trauma, stress, and anxiety; it is healing and soothing.

You are already whole and complete, Ramdesh emphasizes. The show plays out to “Haseya,” which means, “she rises” from the album by Ajeet Kaur. Women have been hit particularly hard with the curse of low self-esteem, Ramdesh observes. It’s time to feel the divinity and sacredness of our body temples. Ramdesh will help take us there!


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